Feature Update – Customizable test reports with Testify.

written on 19.05.2021


At Testify, we have developed a modular toolkit that enables you to digitally control, document and analyze all types of testing processes.
This month, we are proud to present a key feature that significantly expands our software toolkit.

With the brand new PDF Designer you are able to configure and export test reports completely individually according to your corporate requirements.

Configuration of individual test report templates.

The new Checklist Designer offers you a wide range of options for customizing your quality reports. The basis of the reports are the freely configurable templates. This allows you to create a template once and reuse it as often as you like. As a standard, Testify offers you the following three test report types:

  • Checklist Protocol: By default, the checklist log summarizes all activities that have been done as part of the checklist. In addition to a clear design update, the new checklist report includes numerous setting options to map your requirements.
  • Compact Checklist Protocol: The compact checklist protocol includes a reduced view of the activities performed as part of the checklist workflow. As in the general checklist protocol, the inspection report features a new design and impresses with numerous customization options.
  • Issue Protocol: In the defect protocol you will find a listing of the recorded issues as part of an inspection process. Here, too, the issue protocol convinces with sophisticated design elements and a high degree of customization.

Digital PDF test reports with multiple customization options.

  • Clear marking of the test report as well as test-relevant time information, test results and name of the tester.
    To ensure complete traceability.
  • Additional details of the auditing company
    This means that all information is available at a glance and you ensure a professional appearance with external stakeholders.
  • Display of the inspection description or inspection plan as well as user-defined fields.
    To ensure the specified quality requirements.
  • History and versioning of the testing process.
    To ensure a complete representation of all activities and activities within the testing process.
  • Reference to attached documents for checklists, pages, sections and checks.
    This creates a complete overall picture of your inspection process including activities, documents and descriptions.
  • Detailed listing of all comments as well as images during tests.
    For an informative overall picture of all activities within individual tests.
  • Define test report templates per checklist
    And map individual requirements per test process.
  • CI-compliant design of test reports with logo.
    Ensure a professional external image for external companies.
  • Export in a wide range of language versions and character sets
    For global use of test reports and for better international cooperation without media discontinuity

This feature is automatically available to all existing users since last week. You can find more information about setting options in our user manual. You want to know more about a specific feature? Please contact us.

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