The Testify Story


If you're expecting a classic startup founding story here, we're sorry to disappoint you. Testify wasn't born in a garage, nor does it have a classic founding team or sensational reports of completed financing rounds.

The Kickoff

Our story began at the end of 2014 on the premises of dataformers, a software development company in Linz. Many customer projects with industrial companies repeatedly led to the same question: How can inspections that have to be carried out on a regular basis be handled more efficiently? At that time, paper checklists and clipboards were the standard (and still are in many places).

We wanted to change that with Testify and revolutionise the way processes are documented. What was needed was an easy-to-use checklist app that would optimise the recording and evaluation of quality data. That’s how Testify was born.

“Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0. And yet industrial companies still rely on paper checklists for recurring tests! We decided to improve this. And that’s what we’re still doing today!”

Closeness to the industry as a success factor

Testify was not (as is often the case) developed from theoretical product ideas and concepts. Rather, we developed the first prototype for the software in close collaboration with an Austrian mechanical engineering company. Proximity to the customer and a feel for the challenges were and still are decisive for us.

Testify at Bombardier in Vienna, where our software was developed in close collaboration with the project partner.

Our vision of a paperless workplace

With our goal of helping companies and employees to create paperless processes and thus an efficient way of working, we have continuously developed Testify into a powerful no-code platform. Today, Testify is no longer only used in the context of quality inspections, but extends across a wide range of applications along the value chain.

“For us, the question isn’t about how many personnel resources can be saved through digitalization. We digitalize with people in mind. Our goal is to help businesses recognize the potential of digitalization and ultimately do more with the same resources!”

A large number of international world market leaders are now working with Testify, using our solution at 150 locations worldwide.

Geschäftsführer von Testify

Want to find out more about our solution?

We would be happy to show you how you can use Testify to digitalise your test processes, assembly-related inspections, work instructions and much more.

Welcome to the world
of digital checklists.


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