Digital EHS management for more transparency and better traceability.

- Mobile app for work safety, health protection & environmental protection
- Checklists templates according to applicable regulations
-Integrated task management
- Detailed analyses at the touch of a button

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Weltmarktführer setzen bei Prozessqualität und Effizienz auf Testify.

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EHS management thought digitally.
Testify therefore supports you as an intuitive tool.

The mobile app solution perfectly aligned with applicable regulations from occupational safety.

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Fire safety inspection

- Voluntary self-monitoring checks
- Risk assessments
- Fire safety briefings
- Recurring technical & organizational fire safety inspections

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5S Tours

- 5S Checklists
- Incident Management
- Risk assessment
-5S Audits
- Reporting

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AUVA Audits

- Applicable checklists for work health and safety
- Workplace evaluation
- Risk assessment
- Evaluation of protective facilities

Why you should switch to digital checklists.

Paper checklists are neither interactive nor well-structured. Preparation and follow-up times are resource-intensive and media disruptions make documentation even more difficult. The mobile checklist app is your modern tool for clean reporting of EHS inspections.

faster at audits

Return on Prevention

Faster at Processing Tasks

Document your next safety inspection
paperless and compliant.

With Testify, digitize AUVA inspections, risk assessment, fire safety inspections and record safety measures in one app.

Create checks and safety inspections
as a mobile checklist.

Manage your safety inspections in a digital place.

Create workflows according to specified ISO-standards with the comprehensive checklist-designer and get the entire team on board.

With the sophisticated authorization- and role-management, you can store individual responsibilities or choose from predefined user-roles.

With periodic assignments, you can ensure that no reviews go under the radar and are assigned to colleagues in a timely manner.

With the comprehensive check types such as photo, video, multiple choice, etc., as well as a stored scoring system, you have a comprehensive tool for handling your site inspections in a reliable manner.

You can use the integrated signature-function to finalize the checklist.

More about checklist-designer

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Hazards, security gaps & measures documented in a structured manner
via app.

With the integrated task management, you have a powerful tool for the thorough recording of safety measures and hazards.

Take a picture of the hazardous area and create a default in a few short minutes. Additional information such as severity, defect category, comments and tested component provide a high level of detail for subsequent evaluations and defect reports.

More about task management

Create detailed reports including trend analyses at the touch of a button.

All the documented results of your rounds are ready for retrieval in the form of PDF-inspection reports once the checklist has been completed. This contains all the information you documented during the inspection, so you
no longer have to struggle gathering information.

By the way, you can design the test reports individually
according to your business requirements.

In addition, detailed data with extensive filtering options is available to you in the integrated dashboards. Without time-consuming follow-up work, you have all the data available in real time and can use it to derive
important measures for process improvement.

Mehr zu Analytics & Reporting

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Benefit from practical functions to digitize your EHS-management.

With the No-Code Checklist App you have the mobile tool to promote occupational health and safety.

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Flexible adaptations of
given checklists

Extensions of given standard EHS-checklists without restrictions.

Roles and authorization concepts.

Customizable authorization

Offline Skills.

Conveniently run and document checklists without an Internet connection.

PDF test reports

Flexible configurable according to your business requirements.

Various types of checks

Photos, Single & Multiple Choice, Text, Calculation, Numbers, Optional Checks, and more.


Customizable reminders for all users.

Image documentation.

Attach photos to checks or tasks.


Sign and complete checklists.

Workflows for automated process control

Automate manual tasks directly in Testify.

Structured measure management.

Actions and tasks including categories or assignments as task display.

Time Stamps.

With user records at check level for complete traceability.

Real-time reporting including trend analysis.

Evaluate Pareto, trend or detailed checklist analyses in the integrated dashboards.

More efficiency for plant tours

Using Testify has changed the general way
of working for us, we work faster and more efficiently because we have a better
overview and all the data can be reused
in another area without media discontinuity!

Your personal live demo

Get to know Testify in a personal live demo. In just under 45 minutes, our product experts will guide you through the tool and work out its potential for your company.

✔ Insight into the product functions

✔ Sketching the solution design based on your focus areas

✔ Individual consulting


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