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The software solution to create digital checklists for quality control.

Paper-bound processes are no longer necessary. Reduce your documentation effort, resolve media breaks and integrate digital work instructions into your existing system landscape.

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Create and manage digital checklists for sustainable process quality.

Using Testify's digital checklists and work instructions, you can create process flows in minutes and get everyone from the office to the store floor on board.

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Less documentation effort.

Save more time when creating, updating, deploying, searching and archiving documents With the cloud solution, you have all information at your fingertips and in real time.

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No media breaks and
information silos

Inefficiently scanned paper checklists are no longer necessary. Create cross-departmental and cross-departmental checklists and retrieve information about them digitally and centrally.

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Real-time collaboration.

Issue creation, documentation and assignment to a responsible colleague works in real-time with Testify. This saves you time and valuable resources.

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Creation of checklists according to your needs within minutes.

Checklists can be created independently and without much effort within a few minutes. Thanks to integrated templates, you can create and manage recurring processes once as a checklist.

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Measurable, transparent data.

Gain detailed insight at the operational level and data becomes transparent and evaluable along the entire production chain. How many checklists were carried out? What type of issues were recorded on which machine? You will find the analysis of these data in Testify's integrated dashboards.

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Complete integration into your system landscape.

You do not have to change the way you work.
Complete integration into your existing system landscape ensures continuous data exchange and data only has to be maintained in one place.

Practical features that make your
everyday work a lot easier.

From the flexible creation of checklists to the quick elimination of issues and the detailed analysis of your production processes. These functions make your work easier.

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Intuitive handling thanks to Google Material Design.

We attach great importance to perfect usability. Thanks to Google Material Design, no questions remain unanswered at UX.

Individual roles and authorization concepts.

Create and manage individual authorizations and map your organizational structure 1:1

Approval processes.

Whether document release or reviews and inspection tours. Create individual approval processes in Testify.

Digital assistant.

Gloves or dirty hands prevent documentation? Thanks to the integrated voice control, comments and descriptions can be written without keyboard input.

Offline capability.

Even without an active Internet connection, checklists can be easily edited and are synchronized with the cloud when connected.

Multi-language support.

Whether checklists or user settings. Thanks to Translation Management, checklists with a database can be translated into a wide variety of languages.

PDF export of test reports.

Export audit-proof test reports and protocols with all relevant information conveniently as PDF.

Selection of different data fields as checks

Whether numeric, multiple choice, text fields or calculations. You have the flexibility to manage your checks.


Employees receive real-time notifications on individual test reports and tasks.

In-App comments.

Add comments, questions or queries directly in the app. Your colleagues will be notified.

Photo documentation.

Document issues with the integrated photo documentation in your checklist.

Document Editor.

Manage media directly in Testify and edit them in the platform.

Data import and export.

Full integration into your system landscape means that you only need to maintain data in one place and can retrieve it from Testify or another primary system.


Approve test reports with the signature function provided.

Integrated search.

Find created issues and tasks in the integrated search.

Structured task management.

Keep track of all tasks that need to be done or have already been done in the task management.


In Testify, the latest checklists are always available and it is ensured that all employees are working on the latest version.

Analysis & real-time reporting.

Fully informed despite spatial or local separation. Keep your key figures in view with the integrated dashboards.

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Best practices to use Testify.

Whether you want to create a process description, document an operating or work instruction for various production steps or information in the course of production or an internal audit, with Testify's digital checklists you can manage all processes flexibly and audit-proof.

Creation and management of work and operating instructions.

Efficiently executed, smooth workflows are essential for the value creation of companies. In the form of work instructions, all tasks that need to be completed during a production step are recorded in a digital checklist so that employees know exactly what needs to be done, when and in what form. The description of work processes basically consists of affected application areas, responsible responsibilities and quality specifications. Digital checklists can be used to record these specifications efficiently and to clearly communicate processes and relationships between individual production steps.

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Implementation of internal audits thanks to audit-proof documentation.

Thanks to the audit-proof digital checklists, you are perfectly prepared for any internal or external audit. All processes, checks, responsible persons and related information are available in Testify with one click and you can see whether the processes have been properly reviewed and logged. Thanks to the application's enterprise capability, the checklists can be used across departments and companies and in multiple languages. This enables you to create standardized forms, uniform controls and inspections and thus meaningful reporting in all production facilities and branches.

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Digital issue detection during production for efficient quality control.

Detect issues already during production and assign them to responsible employees to correct them as quickly as possible. The digital checklists allow issues to be identified early on and countermeasures to be initiated. The integrated analysis tools provide you with detailed reports on the process quality of your operation.

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Digital checking of incoming and outgoing goods.

Effectively create and manage incoming and outgoing inspection processes using Testify's digital workflows to eliminate time and costly back-office processing. Full integration with your third-party systems, such as ERP systems, ensures a constant data exchange. Should errors occur during the incoming goods inspection, you can immediately trigger supplier complaints and derive countermeasures. With the help of digital inspection plans, the quality of the goods can be ensured from the very beginning and the risks of a defective delivery or complaint can be minimized.

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Digital capture of service and maintenance orders.

With Testify, you can completely digitalize your maintenance and service management. Integrate customers and external partners into your process and work together in a networked digital environment. Information on individual maintenance orders is available centrally and in real time for everyone involved.

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Success Stories from our customers who have achieved successful results with Testify.

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