Perfectly suitable for the manufacturing and processing industry.

Discover how to establish consistently high standards within your quality and testing processes while creating transparency and traceability with structured data collection using Testify's checklist software.

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Weltmarktführer setzen bei Prozessqualität und Effizienz auf Testify.

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Perfectly suited for branches in the
manufacturing sector.

Connected value chains, a growing awareness of sustainability, increasing competitive and price pressure. Industrial companies are in the midst of transformation in order to remain viable in the long term. What will remain the same is the demand to achieve the best quality in products.

Discover Testify.
The checklist software for efficient quality processes.

Configuring instead of programming is the motto. Create quality processes precisely according to your operational requirements:
- Cloud-Technology
- Incorporates smoothly into your system infrastructure
- Mobile use via smartphone & tablet
- Mapping of simple and complex inspection processes

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Already successfully in use by industry leaders.

To the success stories.

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With Testify, the quality control effort has now been reduced by 40%. This is a huge increase in productivity for us

Johann Zoppoth
Quality Manager
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The complete documentation of all products and production processes is now in a single digital location that our engineers can access from anywhere via mobile devices. With Testify, we have set up a system that saves us a lot of time and effort and, above all, a lot of nerves from rummaging through paper files and folders in the past.

Denis Buser
Process & Quality Manager, Global Clearance Solution
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With the functional scope of the software, our requirements could be mapped in the best possible way. Compared to other providers, we had to invest much less effort in customizing the solution!

Ing. Daniel Rech
Quality Manager
60% increase in time savings due to issue documentation.

There has always been a gap between our vision of quality excellence and turning that vision into reality. Testify has bridged that gap and helped us turn production employees into quality employees.

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