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Seamless quality assurance in the manufacturing and processing industry.

Discover how you can create consistently high standards within your quality and inspection processes. From the supplier to the customer.

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Prestigious industrial companies already
rely on Testify.

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Measurable quality and reduced risks
within your production processes.

Networked value chains, growing sustainability awareness, increasing competitive and price pressure. Industrial companies are in the midst of a transformation in order to remain viable in the long term. What remains the same is the demand to bring safe machines and systems into circulation for the environment and the user.

Establishment of standards.

Consistent production and process standards across the entire value chain.

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More transparent quality and testing processes.

Seamless production concept across all business units in one tool.

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Free flow of information beyond company boundaries.

A database for unlimited collaboration.

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Higher product quality and compliance.

Put a safe product into circulation for the environment and the user.

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Data-based insights into production processes.

Linked data from all manufacturing processes bundled and transparently viewable.

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Discover Testify. The modular toolkit for quality control of company processes.

Configure instead of code is the credo. Create quality processes exactly according to your operational requirements.

No-Code modular toolkit without the intervention of the IT department

Modeling of complex corporate structures through multi-client capability

Platform-independent use on any device

Seamless integration into existing IT system landscape

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What our customers say.

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It's not just that handling has become extremely easy - we no longer have to record a single log by hand - but employees have also become more aware of the quality and safety of our products and actively exchange information about them. This has brought them more together.

Ing. Peter Ruff
Head of Technologies, Plasser & Theurer
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With Testify, we now have 100% documentation quality, which would not have been possible before with our resources.

DI Holger Methe,
Director Qualitymanagement, ekey biometrics
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0% Paper, 100% Testify. From 2021, logging will be completed throughout the company without paper and fully documented in Testify.

Ing. Daniel Rech,
Director Qualitymanagement, TSA

Gain control over your quality processes in each of your business units.

Ensuring product and process standards across the entire value chain.

Thanks to digital checklists, you can model standardized processes and create accompanying production documents for safe handling of machinery and equipment.

With Testify, you enable standardized quality control across company boundaries. For example, when onboarding suppliers to define supplier standards or supplier audits.

On the customer side, Testify also serves as a digital link for service and after-sales processes such as maintenance or field service activities. Move quality control directly to the point of action.

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Seamless modeling and integration of production and testing processes.

Testify gives you the flexibility to model automated production processes across all business units.

Standard connectors and REST API enable you to seamlessly integrate into your system landscape and thus achieve a fully networked transparent production process. Highly individualized fields from your ERP system can be created 1:1 and supplemented with custom fields in Testify entirely according to your requirements. Furthermore, data records can be easily exported to a third-party system of your choice.

With Testify, it is possible to implement quality gates for multi-stage outsourcing and finishing processes. Model automated testing processes via digital, workflow-based checklists. This makes production-accompanying checks a reality in no time at all.

Free flow of information through
interconnected production environment.

With the versatility of document formats, you have the best prerequisites for a fully networked production environment.

Capture design specifications or technical changes directly in one tool. This creates a high level of collaboration with your customers.

A common database facilitates collaboration with all stakeholders in your production and manufacturing processes. Media breaks and information silos are also completely avoided thanks to real-time data processing.

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Safety-related quality in machinery and equipment.

Ongoing risk analyses of your machines and systems and defined warning limits for target/actual deviations of your production processes. These provide you with a transparent overview and early intervention in the event of deviations.

Thanks to digital, mobile checklists, you are also able to carry out regular reviews of safety and compliance guidelines and instructions. Reports and test reports can be generated at the touch of a button.

With the integrated Customized PDF function, you can create test reports entirely according to your requirements.

Data-driven analysis and evaluation of manufacturing processes.

With Testify and Integrated Business Analytics, you get the "big picture" of your production processes. This makes data not only visible but also analyzable and quality measurable across the entire value chain.

Get analyses of issue rates, process times, frequent issue categories over time at the push of a button.

Create a cross-site benchmarking across business units, products, inspection processes, time sequences, issues and much more.

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Customer Success Stories.

Start making your everyday work
easier with Testify.

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