Digital quality assurance in the food industry.

Quality inspections during production, complete documentation and compliance with hygiene regulations.

Perfectly matched to your quality requirements
in the food industry.

Get to know Testify

Individually configurable checklist templates.

Für dynamische Arbeitsanweisungen, For dynamic work instructions, inspections and onboarding processes.

Real-time data from the shopfloor.

For a data-based overall picture of all operational activities.

Traceability across the entire value chain.

Thanks to end-to-end digital infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics.

For use in the context of predictive maintenance.

The mobile inspection software for performing quality control in food production.

In addition to compliance with various standards and laws, ensuring quality throughout production is a top priority.

Guide employees through work preparations and production processes, HACCP procedures, weighing & dispensing processes and ongoing quality control directly at the point of action with intuitive, mobile and audit-proof workflows. Synchronize recipes and lead times with the ERP system and avoid paper checklists.

With Testify’s digital toolbox, you can digitally control, document and evaluate your mobile quality processes and thus ensure sustainable quality in a wide range of application areas.

Infos & Downloads.

For efficient work processes and a hygienic production environment!

Testify's software solution fits seamlessly into existing work processes.
Ideally suited for standardising processes and ensuring consistent documentation.

Create detailed work or process instructions in just a few minutes and ensure that deviations, defects or errors can already be detected and counteracted during production.

Measurement of recipes and
temperature checks.

Replace paper checklists with dynamic work instructions or briefings. Testify guides employees through each production step and ensures consistent quality standards.
More about checklists & work instructions

Digitize ongoing quality control and manual records.

Digitally document QM-relevant processes such as work preparation or cleaning checklists, production logs, quantity lists and traceability documents in Testify.

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Compliance and documentation
of the HACCP regulations.

Each food company carries out one or more permanent procedures to guarantee compliance with the HACCP principles. With the food controls already in place, this ensures the all-encompassing protection of consumers.

Checkpoints or quality gates help you identify safety risks at an early stage and intervene quickly. With the integrated defect management, you are able to note deviations in the context of checklist processes and immediately initiate countermeasures.

In addition, you receive continuous notification of deviations, defects and safety risks. This way, you always keep an eye on critical information.

More about issue management

Visualise your production data from the shop floor.

Keep an overview of what is currently happening in production with live reports, a clear task cockpit and dashboards.

Get an impression of various parameters such as the number of checklists, defect overview, trend and Pareto analyses as well as process conformity and much more.

This way you always stay on course and can react quickly.

More about BUsiness ANalytics
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Optimise the processes in your production with the modular shop floor app from Testify.

Fewer issues, higher product quality.

Adherence to compliance standards.

Transparency and complete traceability throughout the entire production chain.

Continuous quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Throughout digital documentation.

Effective knowledge transfer and onboarding of new employees.

Digital collaboration between employees.

Effective supply chain optimization through early supplier controls.

Functions for error-free food production and process documentation.

Digitize manual records in a flexible web app and control QM processes across the entire manufacturing process.

Flexible checklist designs


Intuitive operation via app or desktop

Verification of checklists


Test protocols

Roles & Authorization Management

Discover all features

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Take your workflows & inspection processes to the next level of digitalisation.

And ensure complete documentation throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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