Exceptional quality and higher productivity at Haidlmair.

HAIDLMAIR uses Testify for the digital recording and management of defects during the production of injection molds. The necessary inspection objects for the assignment of defects are automatically imported via an interface to the ERP system. The data obtained from the defect recording is organized and digitally managed with Testify, which offers the following added value.

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HAIDLMAIR is the leading manufacturer of injection moulds for warehousing and logistic containers, bottle crates, recycling containers or even pallets and pallet boxes. HAIDLMAIR is specialized in medium to large injection moulds.

Quality Control in the production of Moulds and Tools.

HAIDLMAIR uses Testify for quality control during the production of injection moulds. The test objects are automatically imported via an interface to the ERP system. The collected quality data of recorded issues is managed digitally with Testify.

Challenges at the beginning


More efficient logging of quality controls.

A HAIDLMAIR tool has always been known for its exceptional quality and customer productivity, achieved by using advanced technologies. Therefore, quality checks on paper checklists were unsatisfying: Comprehensive and structured documentation takes time when done on paper and requires manual digitization of quality data for analysis, which can be a source of error. In addition, a merger with photos for example is cumbersome and time consuming.

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Reduce communication and administrative workload.

The communication of recorded chance or rework orders to the responsible engineer was also unsatisfying: Information on paper can easily be lost and additional details of issues may be in demand – the communication and administrative burden increases. The challenge for Testify was to not only support quality control but also downstream processes such as change request management. All activities need to be transparent and the handling as intuitive as possible, that the software can be used by all employees without much training.

How Testify has been able to drive digitization in operations.

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Quality control via mobile WebApp.

HAIDLMAIR has been using Testify for quality control in production since the beginning of 2017. For this purpose, employees were equipped with smartphones to record issues with predefined fields on the fly for example. Required fields ensure that all relevant information is recorded. The simple addition of photos right with the smartphone camera is seen as a large work facilitation. Other fields such as priority and deadline support efficient editing.


Digital communication in real time.

Test reports or work orders can be forwarded in real time to the responsible person or group – these users get an alert in the app and optionally by e-mail.
All protocols and documentation remain digitally retrievable and can also be exported as PDF - e.g. to submit to customers or suppliers.

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Identify optimization potential with integrated business analytics.

The integrated reporting tool of Testify allows a quick overview of all past and future checks and any detected issues per period and product. This helps to identify potential for optimizations.
Thus, not only the quality of tools can be improved, but also of the efficiency of internal processes. Like HAIDLMAIRS claim: “For higher productivity”. To connect Testify to existing, leading systems, an interface to the ERP System has been set up. That interface loads all new orders and tools automatically. Testify is prepared for this with a programmable interface (API).


Digital, mobile quality control in production support.

The quality control for injection moulding tools from HAIDLMAIR is now digital, mobile and simple with Testify: Quality data is now recorded structured on standard smartphones and work orders are sent to colleagues in real time. A production worker reports: "I was especially convinced of Testify because of the easy photo upload.” The Quality data is stored in a central database and is available location-independent for reports and analyses. Testify contributes significantly to efficient quality management and a learning organization, to meet the quality promise of HAIDLMAIR.

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HAIDLMAIR also plans to use Testify for a continuous improvement process (CIP). These suggestions for improvement are then sent to the responsible office in a structured form with their own entry mask. HAIDLMAIR also plan to use Testify in other company areas, such as delivery or maintenance.

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