The no-code principle


Our development team always had a specific goal in mind throughout the product development process: to create a software solution that delivers on configurability and scalability.

Adaptability as a competitive advantage

Recent years have shown that resilience and adaptability have become an important competitive factor in a fiercely contested market. Companies that can react quickly to new requirements have a better chance of emerging as winners.

The adaptability of the software is also of great importance. External influences such as new legislation, supply bottlenecks, energy crises or a shortage of skilled labour require processes to be adapted quickly. Ideally, this should be possible without the need for specialised technical staff and require minimal effort.

Configuration instead of programming

That is why Testify is based on the no-code principle. Specialist departments can map complex processes independently and test the digital application without the need to involve IT specialists. This keeps project lead times and implementation costs relatively low.

The best of both worlds

“Making the complex appear simple”

A powerful toolkit that is easy to use – is that possible? At Testify, we attach great importance to a good user experience in order to make work easier during operation. Although we offer a wide range of functions, the good user experience is at the centre of Testify’s development. This challenge is ultimately rewarded with visible success.

Where is the journey heading?

The fact that Testify can already solve problems in the areas of production, logistics, maintenance, field service, audit and operational process digitalisation in general is proven by the broad use of our software by companies in production-related segments.

We are currently focussing on market penetration in our core sectors of mechanical engineering and food in the D-A-CH region.

Geschäftsführer von Testify

Want to find out more about our solution?

We would be happy to show you how you can use Testify to digitalise your test processes, assembly-related inspections, work instructions and much more.

Welcome to the world
of digital checklists.


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