How we work


At Testify, we fully recognise the uniqueness of each company and the diversity of their requirements. That is why we have made it our mission to design our way of working in such a way that we can recognise and fulfil the individual needs of our customers.

This is why we see ourselves not only as a software provider, but also as a loyal companion and sparring partner who helps our customers to realise their goals efficiently and successfully. From the very first workshop or meeting, we emphasise close cooperation to ensure successful project implementation.

Enabling self-transformation

We are convinced that digitalisation is not a one-off project, but an ongoing transformation. And our customers should retain control over their processes.

We therefore enable them to digitalise their own processes. This enables specialist departments to drive forward the digitalisation of their workflows independently.

Rapid results without risks

Our approach is based on a proof-of-concept model that enables us to deliver results quickly and risk-free. This test phase is a crucial building block on our path to digital transformation.

This allows us to check the feasibility of the solution and guarantee that it fulfils the customer’s needs. Our customers can therefore be sure that they will receive a functioning solution that meets their requirements.

Your roadmap: These are the three milestones of your digitalisation journey.


This puts you on track for digital, more efficient and future-proof company management.

Implementation and training

We support our customers throughout the entire journey. From implementing their solutions and enabling seamless integration into their existing IT infrastructure to the global roll-out.

In addition, we rely on know-how transfer during implementation so that our customers can roll out our platform quickly and independently across their value chain without having to rely on IT resources and expertise all the time.

Geschäftsführer von Testify

Want to find out more about our solution?

We would be happy to show you how you can use Testify to digitalise your test processes, assembly-related inspections, work instructions and much more.

Welcome to the world
of digital checklists.


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