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Simple quality management.
Strong reporting.

Let the data speak for your success. With business analytics you make data visible and processes evaluable over the entire product development process.

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World market leaders already rely on the enterprise solution for digital process management.

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Deep insights. More performance.
Better decisions about your business processes.

Data accumulates in all areas during the production and manufacturing process. But can you also draw conclusions from it? With Testify you gain valuable insights into your performance of your quality and process data and make it visible and analyzable.

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Number of issues.

Receive evaluations of the number of issues in the respective test object over time. Resources can be calculated more efficiently.

Issue categories.

Are there recurring issues or are there material issues that influence the quality of the products? With Testify you can identify them.

Processing and solution times.

Gain insight into the duration and processing time of issue and checklist processes. In this way, you enable a CIP (continuous improvement process) in operative doing.

Number and status of checklists performed.

Check whether regular maintenance or checks are performed on your test objects.

Checklist results.

No matter which data you enter in the inspection process with your checklists. All data and results can be evaluated and allow for undreamt-of traceability.

Achieve consistent process conformity.

Check whether processes are carried out according to defined standards and where there is room for improvement.

Analyze the entire product life cycle
with just one click.

Testify supports you in making data collected during the quality management process transparent and analyzable in the integrated dashboards. The following analysis methods are available.

Pareto analysis to identify quality problems.

In the integrated Pareto Chart you can identify the most important causes of deficiencies at a glance and derive recommendations for action at an early stage. In addition, you receive detailed evaluations of individual issue categories and thus a detailed insight into the significance of the issues.

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Monitor quality deviations using trend analysis.

The trend analyses in Power BI support you in detecting course deviations and causes of issues at an early stage and in continuously monitoring the production progress and giving your production team feedback on the performance progress. This gives you an instrument for controlling and minimizing risks in all your organization processes.

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Early prevention of issues through quality control charts.

With the help of the integrated quality control chart, you can monitor and continuously check your digital business processes with regard to defined quality characteristics over a defined period of time as part of process analysis or risk analysis. Within the framework of the control chart, the recorded data from the workflow is compared to the defined target value. This enables you to make decisions on whether and to what extent countermeasures need to be taken.

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Make future-proof decisions based on your process data.

The times of uncertainty and intransparency are over. With Testify, you can make production processes accessible to everyone in an understandable way, recognize potential and minimize risks.

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Discover potential in your production processes with process mining.

We integrate reporting and analysis directly into the Testify software, so you can view data from all possible angles and show your company the potential in your production processes.

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Identify risks early and take countermeasures.

Testify enables companies to gain detailed insight into their production processes. Deviations or risks can therefore be quickly identified and countermeasures can be initiated.

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Create real-time reports of your core processes.

Make production data accessible to all colleagues and decision makers. Testify allows you to continuously monitor your business processes in real time. This allows you to react quickly to challenges.

The Testify software at a glance.

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