Product Audit

A product audit is a specific form of quality inspection that verifies whether a product conforms to defined requirements and standards. The goal is to ensure that the final product meets quality and safety requirements.


Product audits are typically conducted by internal quality inspectors or external auditors. The audit process includes inspecting and testing the product, as well as reviewing relevant documentation and specifications. It determines whether the product meets the defined quality criteria.


Product audits are particularly crucial in industries with high quality and safety requirements, such as the automotive industry, chemical industry, or food industry. Through product audits, companies can ensure the quality of their products and identify and rectify any deviations early on.


  • Ensuring Product Quality: Product audits help ensure that only flawless products are delivered to customers.
  • Reducing Complaints: Early detection and elimination of defects help minimize customer complaints.
  • Enhancing Competitiveness: High-quality products enhance customer trust and improve the company’s market position.

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