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What does HSSE mean?

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) is the term used to describe the processes/activities (planning, implementation, control, optimization) undertaken by companies to ensure health, safety, security & environmental protection, particularly in the working environment. Especially for industrial companies (e.g. energy industry) HSSE & sustainability are of high importance.

Contents of HSSE management systems:

  • identification & analysis of workplace hazards
  • development of company-wide guidelines & minimum requirements
  • training & further education of personnel (e.g. in the areas of accident prevention, response & emergency preparedness)
  • regular HSSE audits at company sites
  • collection of HSSE statistics
  • fire protection
  • noise protection
  • medical precautions
  • travel health & safety measures
  • environmental protection measures, etc.

In addition to the term HSSE, the following abbreviations are also common: HSE (Health, Safety & Environment), SHE (Safety, Health & Environment), EHS (Environment, Health & Safety).