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What do Jidoka and Poka Yoke mean?

With Jidoka you can avoid errors, with Poka Yoke you can detect them. Both methods in combination increase efficiency and production.

  • Jidoka: If technical problems occur, a machine or system switches itself off. Monitoring systems, for example using sensors or detectors, are used for this purpose. In the event of production or machine faults, a machine is thus able to detect these on its own, so to speak. As a result, the machine shuts itself down, which is why Jidoka is also known as “autonomation” (a combination of “autonomy” and “automation”).
  • Poka Yoke: A zero-defect system that eliminates errors as a preventive measure. Work steps that must be repeated often are susceptible to the creeping in of carelessness. The zero-defect principle is the basis of fully automated processes in production and data management or data consolidation.