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What does ERP mean?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution for resource planning of an enterprise. ERP systems are the leading system for all connected applications as well as all front-end and back-end systems and the heart of every company.

For change processes and digital transformation, the particular challenge is the complexity of ERP systems, as well as the long lead times for planning customizations and functional enhancements. The ERP system ultimately provides the framework in which digital transformation can be implemented. Each connected system must provide connectivity to the ERP system and a data table must be defined and related in the ERP system for all relevant data from the entire IT infrastructure. In this context, the data strategy is critical. A common solution is to store data in external systems. The linking into the ERP is done by means of a generic primary key on database level. ERP functionalities can thus be extended via external add-on systems and the adaptation effort in the ERP system is minimized.