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With the Enterprise Software for Quality Assurance you can map cross-company inspection processes with digital checklists.

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The world’s leading companies rely on Testify for digital quality assurance.

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Develop into a paperless company with digital checklists.

Use our modular system to quickly and easily create digital checklists according to your requirements and use them to map any process in your company. Use checklists to create standardized processes and process data with a high level of detail.

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Checklist Workflow

This allows you to flexibly map your real production and development processes in Testify and make dependencies and downstream process steps visible.

Checklist Designer

Implement your processes quickly and easily in the form of digital checklists. Testify is characterized by free design options for data acquisition and intuitive operation.

Checklist Overview

All current checklists are clearly displayed in Testify and assigned issues and tasks are no longer lost. You can also assign tasks automatically and individually to user groups or to individuals.

No Media Disruptions

Different documents, one central storage. With integrated document management, you create a one-stop store solution for process management and can handle all processes without media disruption.

PDF Report

After completing your test and process steps, you can conveniently export the reports as PDF files, including all generated data such as time stamps, signatures or responsibilities. If desired, the reports can be customized to your company's individual needs.

Revision History

All changes to the checklist are automatically recorded. This means that it is possible to find out exactly who, what, and when changes were made, and employees can continue working on the current checklist.

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Design smooth workflows with workflow-based, seamless issue management.

Within the framework of comprehensive quality management, it is necessary to record issues precisely to ensure sustainable quality.

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Issue Workflow

Map your individual issue process in Testify and document issues digitally and paperless at a central location.

Issue categories

By categorizing your issues, conclusions can be drawn about concrete sources of error. Furthermore, hierarchies can be created within the issue categories.

Assignment of Issue Categories

With Testify, issues can be automatically assigned to the affected user group/department at creation. This allows automation between the creation and correction process of the issue.

Photo Documentation

With the integrated photo documentation, issues can be recorded, marked and tagged via camera-enabled end devices, and a direct reference to a specific issue can be made.

Modular custom fields

Custom fields enable the fast and structured extension of required additional information during issue creation.

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Ensure clear responsibilities and traceability throughout the production process.

With Testify you can promote process quality along your entire production chain by defining clear responsibilities and making the cross-functional knowledge of each individual employee visible.

Task View

The Task View provides a user- and group-centered task display of issues to be processed, checklists and extended processes. The display and access can be controlled via a flexibly configurable role and authorization concept.

Checklist und Issue Search

Use the integrated search function to keep track of the current status of checklists and issues with comprehensive filter options.


With e-mail notifications and notifications in the app, you always stay up to date with the latest checklists.

Approval processes

Role management allows you to develop and map individual release processes. Additionally, the possibility of verification can be integrated into the release process.

Task View

Map your entire organizational structure digitally.

Transfer your entire organization to the digital world and make processes and workflows in your company visible and accessible to every employee.


Via Google Material Design, we bring modern app design from the private environment to the business application. Apply the numerous functions in the twinkling of an eye.

Explicit identification of your testing Processes

Integrate objects and structures as well as parts lists via QR or barcodes, for example. In addition, an import from familiar third-party systems is possible at any time.

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IdentifiCation via QR- Code And Barcode

With our comprehensive QR/barcode/datamatrix code library, you can identify your object structure and trigger workflows.

User Roles

Define your own roles in Testify based on responsibilities and assign them to your employees.


Display object and checklist responsibilities in Testify, just like in real life. And all this can be centrally managed and controlled.

User- And Groupmanagement

Testify makes it easy to create and manage your users and groupings. Various authentication methods including Azure AD support the login process.

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Work together across platforms.
In real time.

With Testify you can bring all employees together centrally and collaborate across companies.

Checklist Translation Management

Translate your created checklists into additional languages and thus promote cross-national cooperation. Available languages are constantly being expanded

MUlti LAnguage Approach

Make language settings at checklist, entity or user level. This allows for location-independent collaboration on a single database.

Collaboartion on every Device

Do you work on your desktop, tablet or directly on your smartphone? Testify can be accessed via the WebApp on any Internet-enabled device.

White labeling

For special applications such as after sales, white labeling is an option. This allows you to map a customer-specific design in Testify.


With a simple quality management tool to a strong reporting.

Visualize your quality and process data, see the current situation of your production processes at a glance. This enables you to react quickly and make well-founded decisions based on your companies data.

Read more about business analytics

Checklist Dashboards

Get a detailed overview of the checklists collected over time and by frequency of use. Discover measurement results with stored limit values in our control chart management.

Issue Dashboards

Using the extensive filter options, you can discover frequent sources of error and learn from past mistakes.

Process Mining

Using Testify, you can reconstruct process cycle times, verify process compliance, and identify dashboard process deviations.

Customized DAshboards

Customized dashboards help you visualize your business needs and company-specific KPIs and identify trends so that you can respond quickly.

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Automate business processes with digital workflow management.

Testify enables the flexible automation of cross-departmental and cross-company processes and relationships.

Checklist Workflow

Design your checklists as flexible as your processes. Extend checklists independently by adding any fields.

ISSUE Workflow

Make interrelated processes visible and automate the transfer of data or your defect process.

Interfaces Workflow

Based on defined actions in your third-party system, processes can be automatically triggered in Testify.

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With Testify we now have 100% documentation quality, which previously would not have been possible with our resources.

DI Holger Methe
ekey biometrics

It is not only that handling has become extremely easy - we no longer have to record a single protocol by hand - but employees have also become more aware of the quality and safety of our products and actively exchange information about them. This has brought them closer together

Ing. Peter Ruff
Head of Technological Services,
Plasser & Theurer
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