Configure instead of code. The no-code platform for complex checklist processes.

Testify provides all the no-code functionality you need to optimize checklist processes in your operation.

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World market leaders rely on Testify for process quality and efficiency.

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Explore Testify's no-code features.

Checklisten Designer

Easily digitize checklists according to your requirements.

Powerful check types

Photo upload, Multiple Choice, Numeric, Duration, Calculation with upper and lower limits, Single Choice, Date, Selection of a configured test object, Logical, Text and Document.

Detailed check description with media support

Add explanations or photos so that your employees know how to perform the checks.

Checklisten Templates

Create custom templates for recurring inspections.

Create test reports

Create customized test protocols that are archived in Testify in an audit-proof manner.

Read more about the checklisten-designer

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Custom closings

Sign executed checklists and thus create legal compliance and traceability.

Warning limits

It is possible to define tolerance limits for check types and to give the user an immediate indication in case of deviations.


Checklists including sections, pages and checks and check types can be completely translated into other languages without changing the database.

Issue management

Document issues and deviations without media disruptions.

Document issues in a structured way

Information such as description, photo, severity, defect category, due date can be noted directly on a failed check or recorded on its own.

Fast handling of issues to the responsible person

Recorded issues and issue categories can be automatically assigned to a defined user group or individual responsible users.

Create a issue report with one click

For each issue, reports can be conveniently exported as PDFs and contain all important information about the issue.

Read more about issue management

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Test equipment & test object management

Manage objects to be tested and measuring equipment on the platform.

Manage test objects hierarchically

Map test object types, test objects and their components 1:1 from the real world in Testify.

Manage measuring equipment centrally

Measuring devices are tools or other tools for inspecting your test objects and can be assigned to defects or checklists.

Easy integration of objects via QR & barcode

Integrate test objects, measuring equipment or components using QR codes and thus create a clear assignment.

Explore test equipment- & object management

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Digital collaboration

Collaborate in a network and ensure a constant flow of information

Tasks easily at hand

The integrated task overview lists tasks for issues and checklist assignments.

Simple user guidance on any end device

Testify works on every common operating system and end device without limitations.

Always up-to-date with notifications

In app, email and push notifications - with Testify, no notification of new tasks is lost. Additional notifications can be enabled by subscribing to test items, checklists & issues.

More about digital collaboration

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Offline Mode

With the help of offline capability, Testify can be conveniently used in places where there is no or poor internet connection.

Roles & Permissions

In Testify itself, there are standard roles with defined authorization concepts. In addition, you can create your own roles for users depending on your requirements.

Release processes According to ISO 9001

Create custom release processes to review and approve documents or process steps.


Build checklist workflows and accelerate processes.

Trigger workflow according to specific criteria

Define automatic workflows based on checklists, issues or inspection objects, taking into account selected parameters.

Automatic assignment of checklists and issues

When recording issues or checklists, responsible users or groups can be assigned automatically.

Creation of individual verification processes

So everything runs as it should.

More about workflow management

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Let your systems talk to one another.

Seamless integration into your system landscape, from real-time data reconciliation with your ERP system or the simple automation of checklists via a third-party system.

Explore integrations

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High security standards & performant infrastructure.

Here at Testify, we use proven security technologies, automate monitoring of our systems, and pay attention to the security policies of our partners and third-party systems.

Read more about security

KPIs always in view:
Data analysis just one click away.

Testify has a variety of built-in dashboards, depending on your use case.

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Detailed issue and checklist analyses.

Number of checklist runs, emerging issues and various filter options are available in it.

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Helpful charts such as Pareto & trend anlyses, as well as quality control charts.

Identify trends early and take countermeasures.

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Straightforward management dashboards.

Management dashboards are suitable for detailed analyses and monitoring. These show at a glance what is currently happening on the shopfloor.

What our customers say about Testify.

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It's not just that handling has become extremely easy - we no longer have to record a single log by hand - but employees have also become more aware of the quality and safety of our products and actively exchange information about them. This has brought them more together.

Ing. Peter Ruff
Head of Technological Services
, Plasser & Theurer
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With Testify, we now have 100% documentation quality, which would not have been possible before with our resources.

DI Holger Methe,
Manager Quality,ekey
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0% Paper, 100% Testify. From 2021, logging will be completed throughout the company without paper and fully documented in Testify.

Ing Daniel Rech,
Manager quality assurance

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