Feature Update: Detailed insights into quality data from the shopfloor visualized in the new dashboards.

written on 20.07.2021

Neue Dashboards im Testify Reporting.

At Testify, we have developed a modular toolkit that enables you to digitally control, document and analyze all types of inspection processes.

This month, we are proud to present a key feature that significantly expands our software toolkit.

Detailed insights into quality KPIs.


With the checklist-analysis you get an insight about all used checklists in the company. The filters allow you to analyze by the time, status, frequency of use and much more.


The checklist-process-analysis view gives you a detailed overview of throughput times, compliance and adherence to process conformity and the various process variants. From this, you can see at a glance where action is required.

Check-Result Analysis:

With the help of the check-result-analysis, the integrated quality control chart and statistical process control chart, you can monitor your digital business processes over a defined period of time as part of the process analysis or risk analysis. The control chart compares the recorded data and quality characteristics from the workflow with the defined target value. In this way, you can decide whether and to what extent countermeasures need to be taken.


The issue-analysis allows you to read detailed KPIs of your issues and deviations. It helps identify and analyze issues over time, by issue category, resolution time, and more. This allows you to make informed decisions and avoid early countermeasures for long-term prevention.


With the Issue-Process-Analysis Dashboards, on the other hand, you can analyze in detail the issues that have arisen in your company. You gain insight into lead times as well as process compliance.


The issue-trend-analyses in Power BI support you in identifying course issues and causes of issues at an early stage, in continuously monitoring production progress and in providing your production team with feedback on performance progress. The Pareto and Trend charts provide you with a tool for controlling and minimizing risk in quality management.

The data is clearly visualized in Testify using Power BI. Of course, the data can also be prepared in your analysis tools.

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