Develop today.
Change tomorrow.
This is how we work at Testify.

It makes no difference where you come from, how you look or what you identify yourself as - at Testify you are part of a young, dynamic, motivated and visionary team where we make business processes an experience.

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Because we create space for progress,
innovation and extraordinary moments.

Testify is your place to start, lead and develop your career. The place where you discover great development opportunities and your self. The place where you meet people who value and support you inside and outside the office. The place where you can let off steam professionally and have responsibility towards the software and our customers. The place where you can leave the office with a clear conscience, so that we can look forward to it again the next day.

More about our values

Relaxed working atmosphere and great collaboration in the team.

Testify is for me an environment where I can grow and learn by working closely with all colleagues. I especially appreciate the relaxed working atmosphere and the flexibility, which makes it easy for me to identify with the company in my private life.

Malin Niska, Front End Developer
How We Work.

How we develop software that is used by the world's leading corporations to make processes more efficient and with high quality.

As employees, this means that we not only have to think about how we keep our software robust and maintainable, but also how we design the application on the user interface, how we communicate with the outside world, and how we bring analog processes into the digital world to help customers solve a central problem and efficiently drive digitization forward.

We automate processes to focus on improving our product.

If we were to manually perform all the activities that we have automated in the meantime, we would only be occupied with them. Starting with automated tests on different levels up to monitoring, we have created an environment for us in which we can concentrate on our central task - the further development and improvement of our product.

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We create quality, not only for our customers.

Not only because we offer a tool for process support and quality assurance, but precisely because of this we set ourselves high quality standards. Through regular reviews, we make sure that the result meets our expectations. In ongoing refinement meetings, we ensure that the product is further developed in close cooperation with our customers. In order to further develop the internal cooperation, retrospective meetings help us to exchange ideas about what could work better or what we liked most.

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We offer an environment for personal and professional growth in order to perform outstanding work.

In the words of our CEO, "Working at Testify is like getting paid for an MBA. You're constantly learning new things and you can put them into practice right away!" It's perfectly okay not to know everything. You don't have to. We try to create a role for each colleague in which he or she can best use their skills. Therefore, we offer a training budget to gain knowledge and inspiration from workshops, events and conferences outside the daily work environment.

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We make mistakes and talk about them.

With us, mistakes are not swept under the carpet. Quite the opposite. In our biweekly "Show and Tell", challenges and mistakes are brought before the curtain to remind us that mistakes are part of progress. The better you know what doesn't work, the better you know what can work instead. During the search for what works, we take a very interdisciplinary approach, solving the problem in a team and thus achieving a good result.

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We live and love Remote Work.

Each one of us has the freedom to design his/her individual working environment as he/she wishes. Whether we want to work from our office in the Tabakfabrik, the beach café from Valencia, the camping van from Norway or the roof terrace of a vacation home is up to us. But we are also happy to meet in our office for a personal exchange, because ongoing contact and a lively working environment are important to us. Of course we also make sure that the necessary equipment such as monitors, a docking station and a company cell phone are available. Furthermore, with the Office 365 package we are well equipped for mobile working.

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Where to find us.

Hip, creative and charming.
Our office in the Tabakfabrik Linz.

In the heart of Tabakfabrik, in the middle of the Innovation Ecosystem, between coffee corners and chillout lounges, you will find our two offices, also called Pixel in the technical jargon. Community Meet-Ups or events are also held here on an ongoing basis, where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.


Many Benefits for a fullfilling working life.

We think we know what is important in a fulfilling working life. Work- but also life-balance is especially important for us, which is why we offer our team members maximum flexibility to find the ideal balance.

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Home Office, Remote Work or rather in the office in the tobacco factory. Work flexibly when you want and where you want.

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Great budget for further education.

Further education and learning new things is one of our guidelines. That's why we have an annual budget for further training that can be freely allocated.

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Own laptop and cell phone, also for private use.

For remote working to work properly, you need the latest hardware and software from Lenovo, Apple and many others, which can also be used for private purposes.

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Public accessibility.

By bus, cab or ship. :-) The Tabakfabrik Linz has a very well developed transport network

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Free parking.

If you arrive by car, there is a free parking lot in the immediate vicinity.

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Coffee, fruit and candy corner.

Free coffee, fruit and the much sought-after candy corner makes the hearts of our team colleagues beat faster.

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Welcome breakfast, Winkingerschach, after-work "Seiterl" or the ultimate showdown at the Boccia Cup. We talk about the team events months later.

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Flat hierarchies.

We are a team with a common goal that we work towards every day. We work at eye level and do not believe in hierarchical levels.

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Chill out area.

If the afternoon low turns out to be a bit more intense, numerous Chill Out Areas invite you to linger and power napping.

Sounds exciting?
Would you like to become part of our team?

We are looking for co-thinkers, like-minded and motivated personalities who share our mindset. Get in touch with us, we look forward to getting to know you.

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