Our Values

Our corporate values guide us in everything we do.

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Values that always inspire us
to achieve great things.

Our values serve us as guidelines for how we communicate with each other and with others, corporate management and daily decisions.
This is what we live for:

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We work together towards goals.

Our employees are comrades-in-arms because we pull together, support each other and work independently and at eye level.

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We make our customers successful.

The success of our customers is our top priority. In every decision and every action we take, we strive to focus on your needs.

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We make mistakes.

We live the error culture and everyone should make them in order to learn from them and avoid them in the future.

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We provide continuous feedback.

Feedback helps us move forward. We say what we mean and we mean exactly what we say. We keep our promises, communicate directly at eye level and are honest.

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We are enthusiastic.

We love what we do and this is reflected in all aspects of our work and you can feel it.

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We are always up for fun times.

We do not take ourselves so seriously. We are humorous, always up for a good joke and look at situations with a wink.

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We appreciate each other.

We treat each other with appreciation, because each of us is unique and valuable. This is connected with respect, appreciation and goodwill and is expressed with interest, friendliness and attention.

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We communicate on equal terms.

When working with customers and in a team, we rely on a trusting, cooperative relationship, appreciation and openness.

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