About us.

We guide you on the way to a digital company.

Who we are.

We are strategists, visionaries, enthusiastic doers and modern day pioneers. Since 2017, we have been working together with our clients to identify the possibilities of a digital company and to fully exploit the potential that digitization provides us. We approach the underlying goal of creating paperless companies and making you successful in the process with a daily dose of passion, joy and motivation.

We are a fast growing start-up company in the heart of Europe, in Austria, and act as the digital companion for process optimization and quality assurance. The Industry 4.0 area is our playground where we try out new things and develop the digital future.

With a focus on quality management, production support, business product outsourcing and expertise in process optimization in the enterprise area, we work with innovative concepts, ongoing product development, and experimentation to set new industry standards.

Our promise:
We transform digital success.

With our mobile software solution, you control quality processes in a targeted manner across the entire value chain and make quality measurable at every stage of your production process.

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Our Customers

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Our Blog

And then "Testify" was born.

The inspiration for the name came when we developed and implemented the product together with our customer Bombardier as part of a customer project.

We vow that the quality of your products and services will be sustainably secured with our software solution.

In the spirit of our Customer Success approach, we vow to put you, the customer, at the center of attention, to protect your interests and to constantly pursue our goal of making you successful as a company.

Outstanding work happens, when passion meets expertise.

Our mission.

Our mission is to use the combination of software solutions and industry expertise to create digital value in companies and to support you in the transformation to a digital enterprise.

Our vision

We help people, companies and institutions with flexible solutions to sustainably improve the added value in their operations and to ensure the best quality of products and services.

Executive Team

Hi! We are we-make-our-customers-successful specialists.

We are a well-established team of process and implementation managers, data analysts, customer support specialists, marketing experts, product owners, test automation engineers, front end and back end developers, solution architects, back office and feel good managers.

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Sebastian Spindler


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Jakob Öschlberger


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We are looking for talents.

We want to grow, develop and try new things. Visit us in the Tabakfabrik Linz. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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