Digitize & efficiently process incoming goods inspections.

Detect defects and errors right at the beginning of the value chain and take action.

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Excel and paper were yesterday. Say hello to receiving inspections with Testify:
digital, mobile & simple.

Benefit from an intuitive solution that allows your employees to get started right away
without long training periods.

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Applicable on any device.

Testify works on any device and operating system.

Clear test sections instead of long checklists.

Structure your exams clearly in pages and sections.

Integrated defect reporting without annoying media breaks.

Document defects right where they happen and directly in the app.

Standardized checklist templates restrictable for each of your goods.

Use checklist templates over and over and make changes in one place.

Task management for better collaboration.

Assign goods receiving inspection and defect processing tasks directly to employees and ensure that they are completed.

Individually configurable inspection reports for suppliers & customers.

Design audit reports according to your corporate branding and build trust and credibility with stakeholders.

And even more functions that improve
your receiving inspection

Benefit from the mobile checklist app, which allows you to record inspection data on tablet, smartphone or desktop anytime and anywhere and evaluate it at the touch of a button.

Integration into your system landscape.

Using the open REST API, you can seamlessly integrate Testify into your enterprise resource planning system, for example, and still only need to keep data up-to-date in one place.

- Pull material master data from ERP system and checklist automatically publish
- Automatically file and archive finished inspection reports

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Detailed reports at the
push of a button.

The more structured the data collection, the better evaluation options you have and can initiate improvement measures. With Testify, you can evaluate tests in real time and see what kind of issues occur frequently.

- Checklist analysis
- Check result analysis
- Issue Analysis
- Issue process analysis

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Our customers report amazing efficiency gains.

Time saving during inspection

Better documentation quality

Employee satisfaction

Much better communication between departments

Especially due to the local separation of our purchasing department from the warehouse, smooth communication is very important. Testify has closed exactly this gap for us and offers us a communication platform in addition to the checklist software. The effect? Everything works much faster and easier and our employees are more satisfied!

Thomas Oswald, General Manager, Karl Oswald GmbH & Co KG
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Your personal Live-Demo

Get to know Testify in a personal live demo. In just under 45 minutes, our product experts will guide you through the tool and work out its potential for your company.

✔ Insight into the product functions

✔ Sketching the solution design based on your focus areas

✔ Individual consulting