backaldrin relies on Testify for monitoring checkpoints in the food productions.

written on 27th June, 2023


For companies in food production, it is of great importance to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Therefore, regular inspections of the production facilities must be carried out.

backaldrin, a world-renowned manufacturer of baking ingredients with its headquarter in Upper Austria, now relies on Testify to control and document controls in their production as part of the HACCP-concept.

Compliance with quality standards and the continuous improvement of production processes are of great importance at backaldrin. To ensure the safety and quality of the products, monitoring the production facilities is essential. Here, controls must be carried out as part of the HACCP concept. However, the handwritten checklists used to document these checks were no longer up to date.

To make the monitoring of HACCP-control points in production efficient, transparent and digital, backaldrin implemented Testify.

Last year, 2022, Testify was tested on one production line. After that, the digital process was successively expanded.

Simple and effective: How backaldrin implements transparent controls thanks to Testify.

With Testify, production employees now have an easy-to-use tool for monitoring the oPRP’s and CCP’s at the production lines.

Employees simply scan the QR-code at the checkpoint, fill out the check and sign it. To ensure compliance, monitoring is done in a “4-eyes-principle”, where checks are made by two employees and signed by both of them at the end.

In case of deviations at a checkpoint, an immediate report is created in Testify. Written checklists are a thing of the past and documentation is now digital.


With the introduction of Testify, backaldrin has taken an important step towards digitalization and efficiency in its food production. backaldrin plans to implement a custom report in Testify in the future, on which all controls can be seen at a glance.

In addition, backaldrin intends to digitize other sub-areas of production such as quality management, warranty assurance and certification management with Testify. External sensor data will also be integrated to further improve the monitoring of production processes.

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