High, measurable quality from supplier to final inspection.

Perfectly matched to your quality requirements
of the automotive & transport industry.

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Flexibly configurable checklist templates

For dynamic work instructions, inspections or onboarding.

Live data from the shopfloor in real time.

for a data-based overall picture of all operational activities.

Traceability across the entire value chain.

Thanks to end-to-end digital infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics.

For use in the context of predictive maintenance.

Digital quality assurance in the
Automotive & Transportation Industry.

International competitive pressure, ever-shorter product cycles, and ever-increasing requirements for environmental regulation are presenting the automotive & transportation industry with new challenges.

In addition to employee training, assembly-related work instructions and ongoing deficiency processes, KPIs for resource monitoring and energy management must also be measured on an ongoing basis.

With Testify’s digital construction kit, you can digitally control, document and evaluate your mobile quality processes and thus ensure sustainable quality in a wide range of application fields.

0% paper - 100% digital.
The powerful app for
inspections during assembly.

Ideally suited for the shopfloor, Testify integrates seamlessly into existing work processes.

Easy to create - quick to use. Create digital work instructions that are actually used.

With the modular checklist designer you are able to create work instructions or inspections within minutes.

Make use of comprehensive check types and thus ensure structured data acquisition as part of your assembly processes.

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Real-time information directly
from the shopfloor.

Keep track of what's happening on the shop floor with live reports, a clear task cockpit, and dashboards.

Receive notification of deviations, issues and security risks. Keep an eye on critical information at all times.

Read more about issue management

Visualize your structured production data.

Get an impression of various parameters such as the number of checklists, defect overview, trend and Pareto analyses as well as process conformity and much more.

This means you always stay on course and can react quickly.

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Maximum flexibility for smooth
day-to-day operations.

Best suited for

Any Device

Whether iOS, Android or Windows, Testify can be used on your existing infrastructure at its best.

Any Team

Provide a central tool for everyone - from the topfloor to the shopfloor. Distributed teams can collaborate seamlessly.

Any Prozess

Give up pen and paper once and for all. Customize the solution to any process with the extensive configuration options.

Optimize your production workflows with Testify's modular shopfloor app.

Fewer issues, higher product and process quality.

Adherence to compliance standards.

Transparency and complete traceability throughout the entire production chain.

Structured data acquisition down to the smallest testable individual step.

Time saving in the execution of processes.

Effective knowledge transfer and onboarding of new employees.

Digital communication between employees.

Digital maintenance information at the touch of a button.

Error-free assembly and
process documentation.

Control work instructions, procedures, and all types of testing workflows in one flexible WebApp.

Flexible Checklist-Designer


Intuitive operation via app or desktop

Can be integrated into the existing system landscape


Business Analytics & Reporting

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Take your assembly & manufacturing processes to the
next level of digitization.

Are you ready? We are.

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Welcome to the world of Quality Excellence.

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