The current paper consumption in industrial companies.

written on 7th February, 2023


The use of paper in industrial companies is still widespread. Whether it is documents, test reports, contracts or invoices, paper is still an important part of the everyday work at many companies.

Over the past few years, however, digitization has had a strong impact on the consumption of paper in industrial companies. More and more companies are turning towards digital technologies to optimize their business processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Status quo of paper consumption in industrial companies.

The use of paper in industrial companies is an indicator of the inefficiency of administrative processes. Despite increasing digitization in many industries, paper documents still play an important role in the execution of business processes. A recent survey by Bitkom gives us an insight into the current state of paper consumption in industrial companies.

Anteil von Verwaltungsprozessen, die papierbasiert ablaufen.

The survey of industrial companies showed that only 8% completely abandon paper-based processes. The rest use paper partially or almost exclusively, with 4% of companies still using 100% paper-based processes.

Source: Digital Office Index, Bitkom (translated)

Letter mail is replaced by digital communication.

72% of industrial companies can already replace some of their letter mail with digital communication. Even more companies, 86%, have the goal of increasingly replacing letter mail with digital communication in the future.

Source: Digital Office Index, Bitkom (translated)

Large companies predominantly work with a minimum of paper.

Large companies with more than 500 employees in particular work predominantly paperless. 16% of these companies already work completely paper-free. For companies with 100 to 499 employees, this figure is 14%, and only 6% for companies with 20 to 99 employees.

Source: Digital Office Index, Bitkom (translated)

Digitization of paper files.

The study also shows that the digitization of paper files is still in its early stages in many industrial companies. Nevertheless, there are already 14% of companies where all files have already been digitized. Another 13% have about 75% of their files digitized, 24% have about half of their paper files digitized, and 20% have already moved a quarter of their files into the digital age. Unfortunately, 27% of companies have not yet digitized any files at all..

Source: Digital Office Index, Bitkom (translated)

Trend towards digital alternatives.

The use of paper in business is undergoing change. Digitization offers many advantages for companies that adapt to the changes early on. To reap the benefits of digitization, companies must optimize their processes and use digital technologies.

One in twelve industrial companies already operates completely paper-free, as the study above shows. This reflects the trend toward digitization.

Digitization not only offers companies the opportunity to optimize business processes and save costs, but also contributes to a more sustainable environment. Avoiding paper saves raw materials and reduces CO2 emissions.

Data security is an important aspect of using digital technologies. Companies need to invest in the right infrastructure and security technologies to protect their data.

Companies that rely on digital technologies at an early stage have a competitive advantage and can equip themselves well for the future.


In conclusion, the use of digital technologies is becoming increasingly important and the economy is slowly but surely saying goodbye to paper.

By using digital solutions, companies can optimize their business processes, save time and costs, and also help protect the environment. However, it is important that companies also take the necessary precautions to ensure the security of their data in the process.

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