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The mobile issue management software. Complete. Traceable. Audit-proof.

The issue management software for audit-proof, decentralized recording of issues directly at the source. Discover now.

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This is how Testify supports you in
mobile issue management.

Structured issue process meets communication in real time.

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Consistent, efficient issue management.

Save yourself duplicate work. Record issue in one place and export them to any third-party system. One database - a wide range of possibilities.

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Clear distribution of tasks and overview of issue status.

Create a common information base from which all employees can take the necessary overview and status update.

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Early identification and evaluations of issue & issue categories.

Obtain transparent, measurable data about your production processes and take early countermeasures if necessary.

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Digital issue management and mobile checklists. A great duo.

Issue management and digital checklists also do a great job stand-alone. Even better: You integrate issue management into your company workflows and record issues directly during the execution of inspection processes. This saves you valuable time and avoids unnecessary duplication of effort.


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60% efficiency gains through digital issue management.

With the digitization of production processes, we are able to perform in-depth analyses for the first time. This has allowed us to analyze the performance of individual areas, check KPIs, and most importantly, we've been able to see how many checks are positive!

Stan Crockett,
Director-Quality & Continuous Improvement,

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Record issues directly where they occur. Completely digital & decentralized.

Testify provides employees with a tool for recording and documenting issues in an uncomplicated and mobile manner.

Thanks to the integrated photo documentation, issues can be recorded in no time at all and assigned to the respective test object. This always ensures that the correct system is inspected.

Create an end-to-end, decentralized issue management process, from issue recording on the store floor or at the customer's site to issue location and processing. Testify helps you stay on top of things.

Clear responsibilities and distribution of tasks within your quality processes.

Testify helps you to transport information on issues to the responsible employee in a simple way and thus to initiate the rectification of the issues as quickly as possible.

All necessary information, such as description, photo documentation, location and classification of the issue category, can be added directly to the respective issue.

Thanks to the mobile web app, this happens completely independent of location and can be recorded and released directly at the scene of the incident.
The practical in-app notifications and e-mail alerts also ensure that employees stay informed and complete issues on time.

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Identify issues early and spot trends.

Testify makes predictive quality a reality. The time of duplicate work, transfers to Excel sheets and time-delayed evaluations is now over.

Get detailed insights into what's happening on the store floor in real time. Turn issues into a driver for measurable quality improvements.

Identify trends, which issue categories are often decisive and take countermeasures at an early stage.

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Digital success stories of our customers.

Learn how Testify was able to support the digitization strategy of global market leaders in the manufacturing sector.

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Let's discuss your use case in a personal meeting.

In a live demo designed individually for you, you will get a detailed insight into Testify. After an analysis of your initial situation, Testify will be explained in detail based on a concrete use case.

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As part of a scalable and sustainable quality process, integrated issue management is essential to increase the quality of products and services as well as the quality of work in operations. With the integrated issue management, you can record issues in a mobile, digital and decentralized manner as part of inspection processes such as audits, safety inspections, maintenance rounds and complete them with the necessary information such as description, photos, document uploads, required tools, classification to an issue category and the location and assignment to an inspection object. In addition to documentation, an important process step is also the involvement of employees in order to correct the issues in a timely manner and to query the current status. For this purpose, Testify offers task management to document issues efficiently and in a structured manner. QR or barcodes support employees in locating issues and an additional, paper-based note becomes obsolete. The integrated offline mode also supports you in recording issues in areas where there is no internet reception and ensures that issues are recorded and synchronized securely at any time and in any place. Collaboration with suppliers and customers is also simplified by the digital QM platform with integrated issue management. For example, maintenance intervals can be carried out by the customer using checklists and tasks can be assigned directly to the responsible service employee. Testify also enables more efficient processing of final inspections at suppliers.