The Digitalization-Success Story of RUBBLE MASTER.

The RM Group has digitized the production-accompanying documentation in their factory with Testify.

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RM Group has used Testify to digitize the documentation that surrounds production in the factory. Using of the checklist workflow platform has improved the transparency and accessibility of information and enables the company to make data-based decisions.

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About the RM Group

RUBBLE MASTER is the market leader in the field of mobile crushers and sieves in the compact class. The company specializes on the development, manufacture and marketing of mobile impact crushers and sieves for the processing of mineral materials such as concrete, construction waste, asphalt and natural stone. With an export rate of over 95%, RUBBLE MASTER is represented in around 110 countries on all continents and employs over 400 people worldwide.

Over the last few years, RUBBLE MASTER has replaced paper checklists and analog processes with a digital solution at its production site in Linz. In the process, Testify replaced the paper-based documentation processes in the production-accompanying quality documentation, during machine pickups and loadings, in the goods-receipt control and in the default process.

The initial situation.

Before the use of Testify, work was mainly performed analog. For example, data from the production process was documented on paper. This meant that the follow-up activities, such as digitizing the documents, resulted in an enormous amount of additional work. It is estimated that at least half an hour of documentation was required per machine.

In addition, there was the time spent on work that had to be repeated if the slips were not readable. Digitization has saved this additional effort, as the data is recorded in its entirety and correctly and is immediately available.

Furthermore, with the analog process, data evaluation was far too time-consuming. This really only becomes possible with the digital way of working.

Pilot project: How Testify was implemented in the company.

As usual, the implementation of Testify was started with a proof of concept (PoC). In the context of this, all checklists for a machine type were mapped, including:

  • Electrical test report
  • Testing aggregates in pre-assembly
  • Electrical acceptance
  • Mechanical acceptance
  • Exit inspection
  • Loading

The pilot ran for 1-2 months and involved a team of about 10 employees using Testify. After that, Testify was launched for all other employees and machine types.

One individual customization was the establishment of an interface to the ERP system: Here, type certificates are automatically generated from the orders, which are then created as Testify checklists and assigned to a machine.

To implement the digitalization project, RUBBLE MASTER equipped the production area with WiFi and tablets. Each team now has a tablet and smartphones to use Testify.

How Testify has been able to advance digitalization in operations.

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Digitization of quality documentation accompanying production.

RUBBLE MASTER's quality documentation during production is now carried out digitally with Testify.

Almost all 70 production employees use Testify to check their own work and perform functional tests. In most cases, these are simple yes/no questions, such as "Is this properly set up?", but there are also occasional tests where specific measurements need to be recorded.

The digitization of quality documentation accompanying production has contributed to improved efficiency and transparency and is an important step towards data-based, agile work processes in the company.


Machine acceptance and machine loading: More safety thanks to better documentation.

At RUBBLE MASTER, machine take-offs and machine loadings are now documented using Testify, which has shown to improve documentation and safety.

The responsibility for loading remains with RUBBLE MASTER, which is why it is important to prove that it has been carried out safely and properly.

Testify's photo feature plays a crucial role here: by photographing the load security within the machine loading checklist, it is transparently documented that the machines on the truck are also properly secured.

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We photograph and document the machine loading in Testify - and thus have
proof that we have loaded evrything properly.

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Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Hainberger
Head of Quality Management
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Supplier connection.

Before using Testify, checks were carried out at the supplier and at RUBBLE MASTER, resulting in unnecessary additional work. Now, suppliers document the checks directly in Testify, giving RUBBLE MASTER access to all necessary data and information.

Suppliers were connected to Testify step-by-step. In the course of this year, additional suppliers will be integrated into Testify.

Integrating suppliers into the process allows RUBBLE MASTER to completely eliminate the labor process of inspecting incoming goods, resulting in time savings of approximately 300 labor hours per year.


Introduction of a standardized default process.

The default process at RUBBLE MASTER was standardized and digitized through the introduction of Testify. In contrast to the checklist process, which already existed in analog form and was optimized through digitization, there was no standardized process for the default process beforehand. Defaults were solely noted on a list by the Q-responsible person and given to the team to work through.

With the introduction of a standardized default process in Testify, defects can now be recorded, processed and documented in a structured manner, which means that accurate key figures can be processed. This has led to a better overview and efficiency in the default process at RUBBLE MASTER..

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Why Testify?
These reasons led RUBBLE MASTER to choose Testify.

After an exploratory phase in which other programs were also compared, RUBBLE MASTER decided on Testify as the best solution for documenting quality processes in production. The decisive factors for the decision in favor of Testify were as follows:

  1. Long-term availability and support: Testify is a sustainable solution with a strong background, so RUBBLE MASTER is sure that the software and support will be available for a long time.
  2. Individuality and flexibility: Testify is a very versatile standard product and allows the implementation of features as co-creation.
  3. Local proximity: RUBBLE MASTER and Testify are both located in Linz and can therefore be reached quickly.
  4. And of course the product: The use cases were covered perfectly.

Overall, Testify offers an ideal solution for RUBBLE MASTER.

These benefits and goals were achieved through

the implementation of Testify.

Simple and transparent accessibility of data.

One of the most important benefits achieved by implementing Testify has been the centralization and analysis of data. This has made it possible to make data-based decisions, for example, to identify which lines or teams have particularly high numbers of errors and where more expertise needs to be built up.

The transparency and accessibility of data has been significantly improved by Testify. With the ability to access data from anywhere in the world, quality-employees can quickly and easily retrieve information.

The quality of work processes has also improved through Testify, as accessibility to information has become easier, ensuring that all defects are worked on. The ability to view the progress of machines in the production process is also very helpful for the quality department.

Being agile in implementation.

One of RUBBLE MASTER’s goals in implementing Testify was to remain agile in its implementation. The system makes it possible to react quickly to changes and adapt processes, which is very important for the agility of operations.

Thanks to Testify, we can now make data-driven decisions.

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Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Hainberger
Head of Quality Management

The outlook. Here’s what happens next.

In the upcoming months, RUBBLE MASTER will continue to expand the reporting for the management and will also introduce Testify in the subsidiary in Northern Ireland.

Board of Directors-Reports

Currently, the figures from quality management are still reported to the board of directors on a monthly basis. In the future, it is planned to establish management-dashboards instead. Through these dashboards, important data such as the number of defects, rework and the impact of poor quality from suppliers will be made available in real-time. The data is then available to the board of directors at the click of a button.

Roll-out at production site in Northern Ireland

The RM Group has two major production areas: Austria and Northern Ireland. Testify has already been implemented in Austria and later this year the subsidiary in Northern Ireland will also be fully connected. This roll-out will help to standardize and optimize quality documentation and processes across the group of companies.

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