Automated workflow management for efficient checklist processes.

Save time & resources and increase value with Testify's workflow management feature.

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World market leaders rely on Testify for process quality and efficiency.

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The workflow engine for end-to-end processes.

Testify’s web interface allows you to consistently orchestrate all cross-functional process flows and the management of defects, transactions, and documents.

Customize checklist-, defect- and inspection object – workflows.

To automate recurring activities and let you focus on your core tasks.

No-code implementation of process workflows.

For quick customization of your enterprise workflows.

Seamlessly integrated into your system infrastructure.

For seamless, cross-system process management throughout all business units.

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Workflow automation with just a few clicks.

Network process flows in one tool and create digital consistency across your entire value chain.

Establish scalable workflow management across the organization thanks to

Achieve target goals in record time thanks to the intuitive workflow engine. Via click and drop-down fields, defined events, parameters and actions can be triggered to initiate business processes without writing a line of code..

Standardize recurring process flows, increase cycle time and reduce the risk of faulty decisions, plus establish consistent workflows across company boundaries..

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Significant efficiency gains across the entire team.

Analyze in real time the control of workflows at the operational level thanks to monitoring components for performing process analyses.

Reduce lead times and create unprecedented data transparency along the entire process chain to beyond the company boundaries.

By establishing standards, errors can thus be avoided and any weak points identified and documented.


Structured task management across company boundaries.

Take your process-excellence to the next level.

By involving all project participants in the process flows, you obtain a high level of transparency and improve collaboration amongst stakeholders. Information is available to every project participant in a clear manner and ready for retrieval at any time.

The structured task management ensures the correct distribution of tasks and the standardized order of processing is guaranteed.


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Custom modeling of checklist, defect & test object workflows.

Create workflows according to your corporate requirements, involving all project participants and controlling workflows at the shopfloor..

The modular building block allows you flexible modeling for the design of cross-departmental business processes on test object, checklist or defect level.

Create end-to-end process governance through consistent target processing, standardization and automation of complex operations.

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Seamlessly integrated with your third-party systems. Bring all your systems together in one workflow tool.

Testify is the ideal building block for implementing holistic process flows and working together seamlessly.

Connect your third-party systems in the Testify application via standard connectors and REST-API and use them to start triggers in Testify. This way, you move all your work to a central location and thus avoid information silos and media breaks.


Digitize your mobile quality and testing processes with Testify.

In an individual live demo, experience how you can use Testify to easily digitize manual, paper-based processes
and increase the efficiency of your processes.


Already successfully in use by industry leaders.

To the success stories.

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With Testify, the quality control effort has now been reduced by 40%. This is a huge increase in productivity for us

Johann Zoppoth
Quality Manager
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The complete documentation of all products and production processes is now in a single digital location that our engineers can access from anywhere via mobile devices. With Testify, we have set up a system that saves us a lot of time and effort and, above all, a lot of nerves from rummaging through paper files and folders in the past.

Denis Buser
Process & Quality Manager, Global Clearance Solution
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With the functional scope of the software, our requirements could be mapped in the best possible way. Compared to other providers, we had to invest much less effort in customizing the solution!

Ing. Daniel Rech
Quality Manager

Our customers' digital success stories.

Learn how Testify was able to support the digitization strategy of global market leaders in the manufacturing sector.


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