Feature: Checklist Analysis Reporting. 


At Testify, we have developed a modular software kit that enables you to digitally control, document and analyse all types of mobile testing and quality processes.  

In this article we will go into more detail about the feature “Checklist Analysis Reporting”.

Reporting: Checklist Analysis
Dashboard: Checklists Overview
Dashboard: Checklists Details
Dashboard: Issues in Checklists

General introduction to Testify Reporting incl. dashboards.

Each Testify reporting includes different dashboards that present your data in a structured way. You can choose exactly the reporting packages you need for your business from a wide range of thematic reporting packages.

The general structure of a dashboard is as follows:


In the upper right corner you will always find the key performance indicators (KPIs). The data is presented visually in a central position. These are displayed differently depending on the report.

On the left-hand side there is always a filter that allows you to display only the data that meets certain criteria. And at the bottom of the dashboards, all the data is in a table.

Checklist Analysis Reporting.

With the Checklist Analysis Reporting you get a comprehensive insight into the overall situation of the checklists in your company. The Checklist Analysis Reporting package includes three dashboards. The following dashboards are included:

  • Checklists overview
  • Checklists Details
  • Issues in checklists

Filtering in reporting allows you to get targeted and more in-depth information depending on your concern. You can easily analyse them over time by current status as well as frequency of use. 

This dashboard is suitable for getting a general overview of the checklist situation in the company. You can see which checklists are most frequently used. Overdue checklists are also visible at a glance, which in turn gives you the opportunity to drive your processes forward.



  • Number of checklists
  • Number of test objects
  • Number of checks
  • Overdue checklists


  • Number of checklists over time: The number of executed checklists over time is displayed, which gives you a good insight into how the trend of executed checklists is developing.
  • Checklists by status: Using the ring diagram, you can see the relationship of the current status of your checklists at a glance and thereby assess the current situation and the need for action in your company.
  • Checklists by frequency of use: By visualising the number of checklists according to the frequency of use, frequently used checklists can be identified at a glance.

In this dashboard, you get a detailed insight into the individual audit cases of a checklist and can thus analyse open as well as negative audits more precisely.



  • Number of test objects
  • Number of inspections
  • Open inspections
  • Negative inspections


  • Number of checks over time: By visualising the number of checks over time, you can not only see how many checks have been carried out over the period under consideration, but also how many of them are open, successful and negative.
  • Checks by status: The visualisation gives you a good overview of the distribution of the current status of your checks in the checklists. These are divided into open, successfully performed and negative test cases.
  • Negative checks in % per checklist: To get a more accurate insight into your checklist results, checklists that have high negative checks in relation to total checks are contrasted and sorted in descending order.

This dashboard gives you insight into all created issues within a checklist.



  • Number of checklists
  • Number of issues
  • Open issues


  • Number of issues per checklist: The bar chart is sorted in descending order according to the number of issues in the checklists. Thanks to the dynamic usability, you can filter the checklist you want to look at more closely with a mouse click. Not only the KPIs, but also the other visuals and the table are adjusted according to your selection.
  • Issues by status: To assess the current situations of your issues and, if necessary, the need for action in your company, the visualisation of issues by status gives you a perfect overview.


In this article we have gone into detail about our checklist analysis reporting including the 3 integrated dashboards. These give a comprehensive insight into the overall situation of the checklists in your company.

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