Feature Update – New evaluation system for conducting and evaluating audits

written on 03.08.2021

Audit Dashboard

At Testify, we have developed a modular software toolkit that enables you to digitally control, document and analyze all types of testing processes.

This month we are proud to present a key feature that significantly expands our software toolkit.

Evaluation of the performance of audits and inspections according to individual scoring system.

With the implementation of the new scoring function, another important milestone in Testify has been reached. With the evaluation of test results according to an individually configurable scoring system, all forms of audits can be conveniently implemented. From now on, points can be deposited with the answer options for each check and thus a weighting of answer options can be achieved. For each check, a total number of points is then calculated, which is then placed in relation to the maximum number of points to be achieved.

Example based on a 5S audit

Check 1: Is there unnecessary or outdated information in the workspace?

  • Answer 1: 0 Points
  • Answer 2: 5 Points
  • Answer 3: 10 Points

Inspection 2: Are there any unused or defective devices, machines or equipment in the work area?

  • Answer 1: 0 Points
  • Answer 2: 5 Points
  • Answer 3: 10 Points

The principle of evaluation is already very clear here. For each test, there is a maximum total number of points that can be achieved, which results in a percentage. Especially in the context of audits, this evaluation can be very helpful.

Evaluations of the audits in the audit dashboard.

In Testify Reporting, the evaluations of the audit are performed. Depending on the use case, the limit for a passed audit check can be adjusted individually. Furthermore, a comparison between the maximum value to be achieved and the value actually achieved helps to visually display the discrepancy.

In addition, the dashboard has a filter for whether a check has been run more than once to detect possible tampering. These are highlighted visually.

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