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We support you to solve your greatest business challenges.

With our proven Customer Success Model, we focus on you and support you step by step in the transformation to a digital enterprise.

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Our Customer Success Model.

By focusing on use cases, a proven project management expertise and the enterprise software platform, we ensure long-term success.

We have set ourselves the goal of making you, our customer, successful. Starting with a concrete use case, through the adaptation of processes to the implementation of the Testify software, with the interaction of expertise, technology and business intelligence, you can make the most of all areas of the Testify platform.

We concentrate on your individual use case.

Have you recognized the opportunity that digitization offers your company? Based on a concrete application case, we develop individual process sequences in the first step, which can then be quickly and flexibly mapped in Testify. In addition, we support you with many years of experience in use cases from related customer projects.

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We support you with goal-oriented project planning during the project and beyond.

From the first minute on we are your reliable partner in the planning, preparation, implementation and optimization phases of this project. Our Customer Success Team assumes the role of the external project manager and accompanies you throughout the entire implementation project and beyond. Many years of experience in project management help us to handle the rollout of Testify in a structured manner and within a few weeks.

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We implement the technology with which you can digitalize your business processes.

With Testify's software solution you can map cross-divisional and cross-company processes, you can include your suppliers and customers in digital value chains and you can sustainably improve process quality.

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Our Approach.

Step by step to success.

You as our customer are the focus of our business activities. We have optimized our Customer Success Model over the last few years in such a way that we can achieve the optimum in a short time. And this is how we proceed.

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  1. 1
    Phase 1: Proof of Concept

    On the basis of a concrete use case, for example product audits, goods acceptance, we map an entire use case in Testify. This phase includes the gathering of concrete requirements, set up of a pilot project and knowledge transfer between Testify and the customer.

  2. 2
    Phase 2: Go-Live

    Based on the proof of concept, this phase marks the start of a structured, efficient rollout throughout the Group. Other requirements and technical issues are also addressed in this phase.

  3. 3
    Phase 3: Extension / Iteration

    Starting with phase 2, the complete rollout across the entire group and the entire process chain is carried out here. The application can be extended here step by step.

The Customer Success Model put into practice.

Join thousands of satisfied customers that use Testify globally.

The combination of the software and Testify's expertise in process optimization was very valuable for the digitization in our company.

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Peter Ruff
Qualitymanager, Plasser & Theurer
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Let's talk about your individual use case in a personal meeting.

Arrange a free, personal first appointment today. There we will show you in a live demo all functionalities of Testify and focus on your individual use case.

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