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Safer than ever.
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Now more than ever. For a safe and sustainable working environment where nothing is left to chance.

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Safety and prevention in the world of work.

Maintaining the protection of employees in the working environment is the primary goal of occupational safety. From now on you can handle safety inspections and tours with Testify.

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Digitalization and structuring of recurring tours.

Whether it's tours, security inspections or flexible audit processes, Testify brings them into a digital, structured process that you can use over and over again. Even the time-consuming scheduling of recurring tests is now a thing of the past. With the intuitive Task View, you can ensure that all necessary rounds are completed on time and in full. Safety experts, safety representatives or colleagues from other areas are all at the same level with Testify.
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Detailed evaluations of the work safety processes.

Plan - Do - Check - Act. (PDCA) Evaluate your occupational safety-relevant incidents on the basis of extensive evaluations and thus derive the necessary measures for prevention as quickly as possible. This way you are prepared for audits and future safety inspections and have all relevant data at your fingertips.

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Flexible design of safety inspections.

With a wide variety of workflow settings, you can customize your S.O.S (Security - Order - Cleanliness) tours to meet your employees' preferences as well as legal and organizational requirements. This increases employee satisfaction while ensuring compliance with standards.

Industrial safety measures for IM fire protection.

Digitalized quality management processes lead to significant time savings.

IM Brandschutz was faced with the challenge of handling very administration-intensive processes such as maintenance, servicing and documentation of standards in facility management, which was usually very time-consuming.

Testify was able to convince with this:

- Efficient handling of standardized processes with an increasing number of customers
- Automated logging as audit-proof proof
- Easy-to-Use software on every device
- Fast rollout throughout the company
- Easy identification of test objects via QR code

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The last inspection by the labor inspector was very successful thanks to Testify. Due to the digital documentation all points were perfectly documented and there were no more discussions. A real simplification with maximum quality gain.

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Ing. Manfred Brunner
Manager Innovation & Organisation,
ekey biometric systems GmbH
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