Digital shift record:
Switching shifts efficiently.

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World market leaders rely on Testify for process digitization.

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The efficient way to optimize shift handover between shift teams.

Enable seamless shift handover and reporting with Testify and improve communication between departments.


Efficient, transparent shift handovers.

With Testify, shift handover is standardized and the process simplified. The app ensures a better flow of information and seamless traceability.

Managers and employees are well informed and have an overview of all events.

Easily record problems and events.

Employees are guided step-by-step through the handover process with a digital checklist.

If a problem or deficiency is identified during the shift handover, it can be recorded directly in the app and forwarded to the responsible person.

Automatic shift recording.

The information on shift handover is recorded centrally and in an audit-proof manner.

When the digital checklist is completed, a shift handover protocol is automatically created.

A digital signature for at the end of the shift handover checks can also be included.

"More collaboration has been created!"

It's not just that handling has become extremely easy - we no longer have to record a single transcript by hand - instead employees have also become more aware of the quality and safety of our products and are actively exchanging information about them. This has brought them more together.

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Together we can digitize the shift handover in your company.

Contact me for a personal demonstration of our product!

Manuel Forstinger
Sales Manager bei Testify


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