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Digital, cross-departmental quality management throughout the company.

Our enterprise solution provides you with all functions to achieve your quality management goals.

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Put quality management at the heart of your business.

With Testify, you no longer have to collect and standardize data or find errors and vulnerabilities. With the all-in-one quality control solution, you can take measures for your internal quality control.

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Digital checklists for mapping QM processes according to ISO 9001:2015.

Production-accompanying quality control, quality gates, product audits, capa management etc. are easily possible with the variable checklists for intuitive process support. You can map your QM processes according to ISO 9001:2015 with Testify - all relevant functions are integrated in our solution.

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Transparent issue management.

Issues identified during the QM processes are seamlessly assigned to the responsible group/user, thus integrating your QM processes directly into your value creation.

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Interdisciplinary collaboration

Testify ensures that the same quality standards are applied in your globally distributed production sites. You can easily and quickly ensure that quality-relevant adaptations are implemented and lived immediately.

Plan and conduct internal audits. 100% complete, audit-proof and traceable.

Testify helps you to plan, conduct and analyze your internal audits to be well prepared for ISO certifications.

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Even more functions to anchor quality management standards in every area of your company.

Discover more features that take your quality management to the next level.

Revision history.

To record changes to the checklists at a glance.

PDF report of test protocols.

After checking the checklist, you can export it with all components as PDF.

Photo documentation.

Inspections can be documented immediately with photos. This enables a continuous digital processing of your quality management.

Process Mining.

Record process-relevant key figures and process them further.

Analyze quality and process data
with one click.

Testify supports you in making data collected during the quality management process and more transparent and analyzable in the integrated dashboards. The following analysis methods are available.

Pareto analysis to identify quality problems.

Im integrierten Pareto Chart können Sie auf einen Blick die wichtigsten Mangelursachen erkennen, und daraus frühzeitig Handlungsempfehlungen ableiten.  Sie erhalten darüber hinaus detaillierte Auswertungen zu einzelnen Mangelkategorien und damit einen detaillierten Aufschluss über die Bedeutung der Mängel.

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Monitor quality deviations using trend analysis.

The trend analyses in Power BI support you in detecting course deviations and causes of issues at an early stage and in continuously monitoring the production progress and giving your production team feedback on the performance progress. This gives you an instrument for controlling and minimizing risks in quality management.

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Early prevention of issues through quality control charts.

With the help of the integrated quality control chart, you can monitor and continuously check your digital business processes with regard to defined quality characteristics over a defined period of time as part of process analysis or risk analysis. Within the framework of the control chart, the recorded data from the workflow is compared to the defined target value. This enables you to make decisions on whether and to what extent countermeasures need to be taken.

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Quality management at specialty chemicals manufacturer.

The digitization of paper-based processes ensures consistent quality management.

The requirement was to make the paper checklists available in digitalized form throughout the entire company, thus ensuring process quality, traceability and legal compliance with ISO 9001:2015 throughout the entire operation.

Testify was able to convince with this:

- Fast implementation and rollout of the software solution
- A digital document repository where information can be retrieved at the touch of a button for internal and external audits
- Offline capability in operation
- Traceability across departments
- Enables efficient work (checklists are created within minutes)
- Legal conformity and compliance
- Less susceptibility to errors. More process quality.

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