Flexible - mobile - simple. The software for digital quality control.

Ensure the highest quality standards during production through to delivery to the customer and bring transparency to your production processes.

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In-process digital quality control for…

Transparency on the shopfloor.

Identify open or failed checkpoints at a glance.

Audit-compliant documentation.

Eliminate paper from the shopfloor once and for all. Fewer errors and data-based consistency guaranteed.

Specification of standardized quality criteria.

Make quality measurable and derive process optimizations.

Detail Reportings.

Plug & Run instead of Try & Error. Create processes that work.

Perform quality checks online & offline at any time, any place.

Configure your testing and inspection processes as flexibly as you need.

Every testing process is unique - that's why Testify offers you a flexible construction kit for designing your quality processes:


Organize checklists into pages and sections and define checks from comprehensive check types.

Check identification

Using QR code and barcode scanner, machines & equipment to be inspected can be quickly identified.

User role concept & collective user

A well thought-out role concept helps you to configure individual test sequences.

Operating resource management

Capture all information on test objects, components and measuring equipment in a central app and access it from anywhere.


Create automations based on defined triggers directly in Testify and optimize manual operations.

Periodic assignments

Perform standardized quality checks according to defined time intervals.

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Meet standardized quality criteria at each of your production steps.

In Testify, make the necessary preparations for efficient quality control directly at the point of value creation.

Warning limits

Define upper and lower limits and target values for instant quality adjustment.


Configure custom warnings for specific inputs, such as noting a defect on negative check.


Design your individual multi-stage release workflows after the review has been completed.

Completion of checklists

Specify which criteria must be met for a checklist to be completed. Signature, 100% completed check, no open defects, ect.


Create a scoring system for your specific use case such as audits.

Work instructions

Provide your shopfloor employees with all the relevant information they need to carry out quality controls digitally.

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What our customer Bombardier says about quality control with Testify:

Testify helps manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries with mobile quality control.

For example, at Alstom, formerly Bombardiers, one of the world's largest manufacturers of rail vehicles, final inspections were reduced from 5 days to 3 days with the use of Testify.

Read the success story

Perform test procedures and document issues on the easiest way.

Document product and process quality directly at the point of action. Audit-proof and error-free.


Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. Testify can be used as a browser-based WebApp on all end devices without any problems.

Offline feature

Use Testify even in areas without an active internet connection. All data is stored and synchronized.

Issue tracking

In case of deviations, create issues directly in the inspection process, add relevant information such as images and issue categories and assign it to the responsible persons.

Task management

Communicate exclusively digitally and retrieve all information on upcoming tasks in the Task Cockpit.

Comment function

Collaboration on the shopfloor is also digital. Colleagues can use comments to create notes on checks and inspections.

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Analysis of quality tests and simple export of test reports.

Visualize structured process data in the integrated reporting tool and get data-based insight into your shopfloor.

Analysis of shopfloor data

Visualize current data from the shopfloor in the comprehensive reporting module.


Tracked process parameters and KPIs are clearly compiled for you in the integrated reporting module.

Customized PDF test reports

Export test reports according to your requirements directly from the system and ensure a professional appearance with stakeholders.

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Close the gap between employees, IT systems and processes on the shopfloor.

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World market leaders already use Testify for digital quality control.

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