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Digital production support along the entire product life cycle.

Digital production monitoring and issue detection for a continuous improvement of your products and production processes.

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The digital companion for every step in your production process.

These features of Testify allow you to focus on your core business and not so much on the big picture.

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Digital checklists and process support.

Integrate your machines by capturing serial numbers and creating digital checklists to verify proper setup of production lines or to report safety stock levels for replenishment of needed parts.

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Reporting & analytics.

Learn from past errors and shortcomings and derive efficient measures from them. In the individually configured dashboard, you gain detailed insights into the process data from your production-related processes.

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Flexible workflowmanagement.

With Testify, PDCA is not just a management buzzword. It becomes an operational tool through the simple adaptation of processes and enables you to easily redesign your processes and thus a smooth rollout process. Today's belt run testing/safety stock level notification etc. is not the same process of tomorrow.

Even more functions that make digital production support possible.

Discover even more features that will help you facilitate cross-functional and cross-company collaboration.

Viewable and auditable data.

Cross-company responsibilities.

Automated assignment of issues.

International cooperation with other production sites.

Digital quality control during production at Plasser & Theurer.

When production is distributed over different locations, coordinated processes and cooperation in quality management are crucial.

The world market leader in track-laying machines and maintenance vehicles attaches great importance to close coordination with the customer in the production of the machines. Individualization has highlighted the need for a digital tool to make processes more efficient.

Testify was able to convince with this:

- Fast implementation and rollout in the production areas
- Higher level of detail in the documentation of issues and thus better process quality
- Outsourcing of an inspection during production to the customer
- More efficient, cross-departmental collaboration via a digital WebApp
- Structured recording of issue categories and evaluation

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