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Smart. Not hard.
Agile process management to increase performance.

With Testify we bring processes to the operational level and make them tangible for employees in all areas.

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Bring digitization to the operational level and transform your business processes into extraordinary competitive advantages.

From now on, integrated process management is no longer a vision. Set new standards in the digitalization of your business processes and make internal company workflows transparent for everyone.

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Create your processes in digital checklists.

With Testify, you can map your processes as checklists and thus support your employees in their daily work. Errors and issues can be identified during the process without the need for tedious documentation afterwards.

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Representation of processes across divisions and departments.

By networking with third-party systems, previous barriers to collaboration can be overcome. Testify is the "one-face-to-the-employee tool" for your employees throughout your organization.

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Process Mining.

Near-time insights enable you to track the processes you are using and your measures for process improvement. This allows you to take a step-by-step approach to the optimal process and always have the operational staff on board.

Even more functions that help you to make your business processes visible.

Discover even more process management features of Testify.

User roles.

Map roles and corrections directly in Testify.

Approval processes.

Transfer approval processes to the digital world and automate them.

Collaborate on any device.

Testify can be used right away, can be operated from any device.

Interface Workflow.

Integrate Testify into your system landscape for a continuous process.

Efficient process management at Bombardier.

Real time savings with digitized quality management processes.

Bombardier's goal was to improve the processes in the final inspection of streetcars and to continue to meet quality standards.

- Testify was able to convince with this:
- Clear mapping of processes with digital checklists
- Collaboration across multiple devices
- Mapping of all roles and responsibilities
- Integration of sensor data from third-party systems

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