Mobile maintenance planner as an app: Periodic inspections always in view and perfectly documented.

- Digital checklists with numerous check types
- Generate automatic maintenance reports
- Scheduling of periodic checks
- Integrated issue documentation & task management

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That's why industrial companies use Testify for maintenance planning:

Low error rate

Unlike paper checklists & lists, with Testify you have the assurance that all information is fully documented.

Less workload

Save yourself the hassle of compiling all the checklists or updating and distributing them. All information can be retrieved and exported at the touch of a button.

Analyzeable structured Data

With Testify, you have the data collection tool to seamlessly capture all quality data, every step of the way in your manufacturing processes.

Digital maintenance planning via app.
Here's how it works:

With Testify's intuitive checklist app, you can easily create forms, checklists, and inspections
and assign them to responsible parties.

Manage maintenance schedules and periodic inspections digitally.

Testify's Maintenance Scheduler app makes it easy to schedule and track maintenance tasks through periodic assignments and predefined workflows.

Define frequency, interval periods and actions, and create test workflows from order to test report.

Read more about workflows

Instandhaltungsprozesse in digitalen Checklisten abbilden
Flexibler Checklisten Designer

Document maintenance tasks, track issues and create tasks in an efficient way.

Create comprehensive inspection processes that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows thanks to dynamic digital checklists.

With the mobile app, maintenance staff and maintenance engineers always have relevant data and information at their fingertips.

Benefit from individually configurable check types and PDF inspection reports that you can set up according to your business requirements.

More about digital checklists

Quickly identify sources of error and recognize potential for improvement.

Get a data-based overall picture of the condition of your machines and systems. Compare actual target values and compliance with tolerance limits for components and test objects.

With the Testify mobile app, you can achieve structured data acquisition and seamless condition monitoring.

More about Analytics & Reporting

Trendanalyse und Detailberichte

Useful features that make
make everyday work easier.

From flexible checklist creation to fast issue management and detailed analysis of your production processes. These functions make your work easier.

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Google Material Design.

We place the highest value on perfect usability. Thanks to Google Material Design, no questions are left unanswered when it comes to the UX.

Individual roles and authorization concepts.

Create and manage individual authorizations and map your organizational structure 1:1.

Approval processes.

Whether document approval or reviews and control rounds. Create individual release processes in Testify.

Speech to text.

Gloves or dirty hands prevent documentation? Thanks to the integrated voice control, comments and descriptions can be written without keyboard input.

Offline mode.

Even without an active internet connection, checklists can be edited easily and are synchronized when connected to the cloud.


Whether checklists or user settings. Thanks to translation management, checklists with a database can be translated into a wide range of languages.

PDF exports of reports.

Conveniently export audit-proof test reports and logs with all relevant information as PDFs.

Selection of various data fields as checks.

Numeric, multiple choice, text fields or calculations. You have the flexibility to manage your checks.


Employees receive real-time notifications on individual inspection reports and tasks.

In-App comments.

Add comments, questions or queries directly in the app. Your colleagues will be notified.

Photo documentation.

Document issues with the integrated photo documentation in your checklist.

Media documentation.

Manage media directly in Testify and edit them in the platform.

Data import & -export

Thanks to the complete integration into your system landscape, you only have to maintain data in one place and can retrieve it in Testify or another primary system.


Approve test reports using the signature function provided.

Integrated search.

Find created issuexs and tasks in the integrated search.

Task management.

Keep track of all tasks that need to be done or have already been done in the task management.

Timeline & revisions.

In Testify, the most up-to-date checklists are always available and it is ensured that all employees are working on the most up-to-date version.

Analysis & Real-Time Reporting.

Fully informed despite spatial or local separation. Keep an eye on your key figures with the integrated dashboards.

Perfectly integrated in your existing systems.

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