The mobile maintenance software for more control over your maintenance processes.

Gain control over your maintenance and servicing processes of your machines, plants and buildings with the mobile web app Testify and avoid downtimes.

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Paperless documentation with less effort.
This is the maintenance software from Testify.

Legally compliant, fast documentation

And thus optimally prepared for the next audit.

100% digital - 0% paper

Eliminate paper from the store floor once and for all. Fewer errors and better consistency guaranteed.

Automatic test protocols

For a complete record
of your test reports.

Clear scheduling of checks

Always keep track of future maintenance dates wherever you are.

More efficiency thanks to smart functions

With the software for the maintenance and servicing of your operating equipment, the planning & execution of work processes becomes even easier.

Periodic assignments & workflows

Recording of equipment that requires inspection

Automated E-Mail notifications

Scanner via barcode & QR-code

Integrated issuemanagement

Run checklists offline

Customizeable PDF reports

See all functions

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Gain control over your maintenance processes and avoid downtime.

Precise planning of maintenance intervals with advanced scheduling.

Testify's Maintenance app makes it easy to schedule and track maintenance tasks through periodic assignments and predefined workflows.

Define frequency, interval periods and actions, and create test workflows from order to test report.

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Mobile execution of maintenance
and servicing processes.

Create comprehensive inspection processes that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows thanks to dynamic digital checklists.

With the mobile app, maintenance staff and maintenance engineers always have relevant data and information at their fingertips.

Benefit from individually configurable check types and PDF inspection reports that you can set up according to your business requirements.

Read more about digital checklists

Quickly identify sources of error and recognize potential for improvement.

Get a data-based overall picture of the condition of your machines and systems. Compare actual target values and compliance with tolerance limits for components and test objects.

With the Testify mobile app, you can achieve structured data acquisition and seamless condition monitoring.

Read more about analytics & reporting

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The flexible app builder for digitizing your maintenance and servicing processes.

Workflow management, periodic assignments, mobile-first software, structured data collection.

Perfectly prepared for the next audit.

Thanks to extensive customizing options, you are ideally prepared to meet your compliance requirements.

Automate manual maintenance activities - Optimize inspection processes.

Create individual workflows in one app from order to test report.

Replace clipboard, pen, and paper with an intuitive web app.

Digitize the entire store floor level with an app and extend your ERP system down to the smallest auditable individual step.

Mobile and offline use.

No matter where you are, with Testify you can easily and conveniently collect data.

Perfectly integrated into your IT landscape.

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Digitize your maintenance processes
with Testify.

Experience in an individual live demo how you can easily digitize manual, paper-based processes with Testify
and increase the efficiency of your processes.

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Global market leaders are already using Testify to digitize testing processes.

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