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Digital Logistics Management.
Simple and efficient.

Testify takes care of the most important logistics activities for you. From the receipt of goods to the outgoing goods inspection, you can handle all logistics processes in Testify.

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Digital mapping of internal and external flows of goods.

With Testify, we help you ensure that the right product, in perfect quality, arrives at the right place, at the agreed time, in the right quantity, at the right cost with the information provided. The whole thing works without paper, completely digital and, if desired, integrated into your system landscape.

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Digital mapping of inbound and outbound logistics processes.

Through the connection to an ERP system, the correct data is transferred in such a way that logistical processes such as incoming goods inspection, supporting production processes and replenishment on the production line can be quickly adapted. The captured data from Testify can then be transferred back to the primary system.

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Central documentation of relevant information.

By integrating your primary system, information is managed centrally and Testify ensures that the right information is available in all places at the right time to the relevant stakeholders.

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Clear overview of competences and responsibilities of the audits.

In the Task View, each employee receives an overview of the relevant incoming goods inspections or final inspections.

Even more functions for efficient execution of your intralogistic processes.

Discover even more features to digitally map your organization and interrelationships.

QR-Code scan.

For quick identification whether the test is the right product.

Custom fields.

For flexible presentation and acquisition of relevant data in the testing process.

Checklist overview.

To check if the correct quantity and condition of the product is given.

Transparent documentation.

With the supplier audit, information can be viewed quickly and easily.

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