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Transform knowledge into a lasting success factor.

Make knowledge of your employees and external know-how carriers in your company visible.

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As a training platform or for onboarding processes. Without information silos and media breaks.

With Testify, you can document knowledge centrally and make it available to all your employees during the onboarding process, as training, education or questionnaires during process execution in the form of digital checklists.

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Automated and standardized trainings with digital checklists.

With a uniform template for training processes, knowledge transfer can be easily and transparently mapped and automated. This way you can be sure that your staff is qualified for the tasks ahead. With interfaces to your employees' competence matrixes, you can compile personalized training courses.

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Clear responsibilities in the training process.

Create area-specific onboarding processes or training and certification directly in Testify and easily assign them to the relevant people. Be it a trainer, mentor or the person to be trained.

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Clear competence matrix of your know-how carriers.

Know-how and knowledge must be made visible. The competence matrix in our reporting solution serves this purpose. It shows which competencies are available, which are missing and which ones need to be built up. A valuable tool for production-related employee training.

Knowledge management as proven practice.
These great results have been achieved by our customers.

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