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All problems at one glance, at all times and optimally documented.

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Compared to inefficient documentation on paper, digital defect management offers many advantages. Defects can be conveniently recorded immediately via smartphone, tablet or computer.

In a structured way. This allows you to document and record deviations, errors and defects directly where they occur. And you can be sure that all information will be fully documented.

Defect information, tasks and measures to correct the defect can be quickly forwarded to the responsible personnel. Problems are documented, including photos and categories. Written information and photos are collected in one place.

All information can be retrieved and exported at the touch of a button.

World market leaders rely on Testify for process digitization.

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Good defect documentation is essential in large industrial companies.

With conscientious documentation and good defect management, no information will be lost. And the correction of all defects is ensured.


Defect detection. Always at hand.

Record and document defects, directly at the site of the incident.

Testify can be used on any end device. This means that all defects can be recorded in a structured manner at any time using mobile devices.

This way, everyone has defect management in their pocket. And there is no need to print out defect forms and carry them around.

Image documentation included.

Document defects with photos. Completely without media disruptions.

On mobile devices with camera mode, photos and videos can be conveniently taken, uploaded and edited in the defect documentation.

Mark defective areas on the photos with the integrated editing tool and draw the attention of your colleagues to them.

Create defect reports automatically at the push of a button.

The information about the defects is centrally recorded in an audit-proof manner. A PDF defect log can be created automatically for each defect. In addition, the processing status can be retrieved at any time.

All developments and information relating to defects can be viewed in detailed defect analysis dashboards. So you know when and where the most defects occur. And preventively avoid them in the future.

60% increase in time savings due to issue documentation.

There has always been a gap between our vision of quality excellence and turning that vision into reality. Testify has bridged that gap and helped us turn production employees into quality employees.

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Together, we will digitize the defect documentation in your company.

Fell free to book a live demonstration of Testify!

Manuel Forstinger
Sales Manager at Testify


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