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Testify links digital consistency across the entire value chain.

With intelligent business process outsourcing to more added value over the entire product life cycle.

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The central platform for collaboration between suppliers, partners and customers.

To ensure quality across company boundaries, after-sales processes, maintenance, field service or specifications to suppliers can be handled via Testify.

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Cross-company workflow management.

In the course of after-sales processes at customer sites, maintenance orders for machines can be processed centrally via Testify and take your sales force to the next level.
In the supplier relationship, deliveries can be tracked more efficiently and product-specific requirements can be managed.

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Integration of customers and suppliers as Testify users.

With Testify you can give your customers access to relevant digital processes such as checklists, maintenance intervals and much more about your product. You can thus extend the product lifecycle and gain deep insights into the usage behavior of your machines by your customers. Guarantees and warranties can be a new business model to secure your company's success.

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International collaboration.

In combination with your personal business solution (Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premise), you can grant access to all functionalities to your customers all over the world, taking into account your individual compliance requirements.

Even more functions that enable connected collaboration.

Discover more features that can help you with Business Process Outsourcing.

Multi Language.

With constantly expanding languages, Testify can be used worldwide. And the number is constantly growing.

Individual permissions and roles.

Own authorizations for customers and suppliers on relevant functions and objects.

Individual Reporting Dashboards.

Integrated dashboards provide analyses of the user behavior of the machines.

White Labeling.

Customize Testify according to your branding guidelines.

Testify used by world market leaders.

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