Testify says Thank you 2021. The year in numbers.

written on 22.12.2021

2021! What a great year and we hope an even better one for you! In the last 12 months, we have been able to implement exciting client projects together, celebrate many successes and overcome some challenges. But above all, we have been able to grow into a wonderful 22-strong organisation that makes us what we are today. Let's look back on the year 2021 together.

We were able to create, experience and learn a lot this year. Our team has grown and new product use cases have been developed, as well as customer projects successfully implemented. A lot has happened this year, which we are incredibly proud of!

Testify is used all over the world

While the end of the year is a good time to reflect on the past, it is also a fantastic time to celebrate successes and milestones achieved.

And these figures are probably the best proof of how our entire team has been committed to product development, sales and marketing. Testify is in use in over 100 locations on more than 4 continents worldwide and is used as a central digitisation platform of quality processes. This includes quality checks during production, audits, incoming goods inspections, plant tours and much more.

And this year there are 3 reasons for us to toast: The companies Stihl, TSA and Evonik have each carried out more than one million checks with our software!

Many product enhancements for Testify

This year, we were able to add some valuable functions to our digital toolbox.

Our development team has been programming and tinkering to make our product even better. Our agile way of working has proven its worth – because it allows us to release a new, better version of our product every 14 days. This year there were some new key features. For example, the individually configurable PDF audit reports, the comprehensive workflow management and significant enhancements in our reporting module. But read for yourself:

We are constantly renewing our product in small, short cycles. With the overriding goal of being able to better digitally control, document and analyse inspection processes. So now, at the end of the year, we are particularly pleased to look back and see how our tool has developed, expanded and improved!

Covid Control Platform

It all started with a blog article about using Testify internally to capture Covid quick tests for a Covid-free workplace in the spring of this year. After much thought, conceptualisation, coordination with the Legals team, feedback from numerous customer meetings and helpful product enhancements, we were able to launch the Covid Control Platform as the first product in our digitalisation toolkit. The digital platform is based on Testify’s flexible checklist system and makes it possible to digitally collect covid evidence from employees and to determine the current health status in the company.

We are pleased to be the 1st German-language covid software to make a valuable contribution to a safe, healthy workplace.

Employee growth in 2021

Testify continues to grow. Our team now consists of 22 people – that means 22 heads who are tinkering with the Testify tool and bubbling over with ideas. But of course there are also 42 hands working on the internal processes and making a valuable contribution to bringing our vision a little closer.

We are delighted to have so many new faces on our team, making Testify a great place to work and develop.

P.S. We also regularly feature our team members on our social channels – in case you want to get to know them better!


This year was exciting and full of beautiful moments. We were able to learn and implement many things! But we also have a lot planned for 2022. We start the new year with a mission: Let’s  #changethegame

For us, 2022 is about change as security, being able to respond in an agile way. As a redesign that allows the rules of the game to change. As further development from the analogue to the digital, which is concrete and tangible. And as innovation that encourages, redesigns and inspires.

We are committed to developing the best product to break down the old and redesign ways of working to make the working lives of our customers a little more successful every day.

Ready to #changethegame? We are.

Welcome to the world of Quality Excellence.

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