Testify & INDUTRAX announce a sales partnership

written on 15.04.21

Testify & INDUTRAX announce a sales partnership.

Digital quality assurance meets location tracking solutions as part of end-to-end digital logistics and production control in the manufacturing market segment.

04/15/2021 - Testify GmbH and INDUTRAX GmbH close a sales partnership. The focus is on a seamless connection of location and control technology in production processes with process management solutions based on digital checklists & work instructions incl. integrated defect management. This is a significant step towards the digital factory in the manufacturing market segment automotive & mechanical engineering.

Founded in 2016, Indutrax presents itself under the motto: “We are location”, as a leading solution provider of Location Aware Software. INDUTRAX offers a wide range of technologies for the location, identification and sensor technology of components, machines or measuring equipment within the framework of company logistics and production control systems. This enables a completely digital image of all operational processes on the store floor.

Like Testify, INDUTRAX follows the approach of a flexible software solution with modular function modules for an application that is easy and agile to use. The aim is intuitive operation, which results in high scalability potential for the implementation of digital processes and company workflows.

The combined use of the INDUTRAX Application Environment software with Testify as a strategic and operational tool for controlling, documenting and analyzing testing and quality management processes, results in a multitude of possible application scenarios in the context of cross-value-added production processes:

Digital production support & monitoring

For the typical production process, a seamless connection of both solutions makes sense. If a defined set of material, assemblies, equipment comes together with an employee and a production or measuring device in a defined zone, a production-accompanying work instruction, assembly instruction, or final inspection checklist starts automatically. Additionally, criteria for the instantiation of a checklist can be defined.

Automated rolling partial and final inspections

For use cases such as fleet management, facility management & building security, fire protection, security processes, etc., the employee can be guided to the respective test object via a positioning application or individual test points can be specified via GPS, trackers, etc.. In this way, the individual movement profiles and inspection processes can be monitored in real time and effectively optimized via reporting modules.
A variety of other combined application scenarios for the solutions are also possible.



INDUTRAX is one of the leading providers of Location Aware software and solutions and enables the combination of different technologies for location, identification and sensor technology in interaction with enterprise logistics and production control systems. INDUTRAX has already implemented more than 60 projects for medium-sized companies and industrial customers such as Volkswagen, Daimler and Magna Steyr.


About Testify

Testify is the mobile software solution for quality assurance of business processes and makes it possible to control any kind of quality and testing processes transparently and to make quality measurable at every production step.

Developed together with global market leaders from mechanical engineering, automotive, process industry, Testify has established itself as the solution for digital quality assurance of cross-divisional and cross-company business processes. Based on digital checklists and work instructions & integrated defect & error management, data can be recorded and evaluated in a structured manner across all business units.

Global digitization projects at worldwide production sites have already been successfully implemented at well-known companies such as Evonik, Plasser & Theurer, Stihl.

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