The finger as a key: how Testify as an enterprise solution supports the European market leader

Digitization success story of ekey biometric systems:

ekey has been developing and producing biometric access solutions for some 20 years and is thus a digital company of the first hour. Before the ekey finger scanners delight customers, they undergo a rigorous endurance test. Ekey uses Testify as an integrated quality management tool to support requirements for the QM system. It covers the entire supply chain, automatically integrates order and product data from the ekey internal third-party systems and enables the digital implementation and coordination of company-wide, complex testing processes.

These Testify features use ekey biometric systems

Digital quality processes

Use at ekey: Quality checks are documented directly in the intuitive Testify WebApp. The status of the checks is immediately visible to all authorized employees and steps for corrective action can be assigned digitally within the team as a work order and coordinated in real time. All processes and activities are audit-proof documented in PDF test protocols and can be used for audits and certifications.

Interface to third-party systems

Use at ekey: Testify is used as a connection tool of an ISO-compliant QM system. It synchronizes quality-relevant data from the ekey ERP system (Microsoft Navision) with Testify and data from the Testify WebApp (test results and defects) back to the ERP system. This two-sided, automated synchronization provides a constantly updated data synchronization between the systems and minimizes unnecessary duplicate data storage. Further processes of the entire supply chain can be coordinated promptly in the primary system.

Real-time analysis tool

Use at ekey: The digitally documented test results are evaluated in real time in PowerBI reporting dashboards. Using individualized dashboards, the current status of all quality processes in their entirety is visible. Customer-specified KPI's provide insights into quality across the entire supply chain, from goods receipt to outbound inspection.

Starting position at ekey before Testify:

To comply with the stringent quality requirements, ekey strives to continuously improve and further develop its internal quality processes. Before using Testify, ekey documented audit results from incoming, interim, and outbound inspection. The review process was paper-based and the collaboration in the QM by physically forwarding the inspection and document documentation. In order to further extend the quality checks, ekey considered the integration of further measurement and test values, as well as a digital process to further increase efficiency in cooperation.

Striving to evolve and digitize QM processes, Testify has been able to help solve the following challenges as an enterprise solution:

The challenges at the beginning:

Third system Challenge: Integration into existing (ERP) systems

The digital quality management process will in future encompass the processes of the entire supply chain. It therefore needs a system that works with existing EPR systems and optimizes the use of existing digital readings. The individual departments should be able to individually incorporate their established quality processes in the new, digital system, but they should be digitally tunable and integrable across the entire supply chain.

Stand linearization Challenge: Simplification of test procedures

The existing test procedures are to be safeguarded in future digital documentation. The digital system should help to map test procedures digitally and to comply with defined processes. It is desirable to record the entirety of all testing processes and to allow for quick reactions and simple documentation in case of defects.

About ekey biometric systems

ekey is an Austrian company with headquarters in Linz and Europe's No. 1 in fingerprint access solutions. The finger as a key is a comfortable, safe and easy alternative to the classic house key. Door keys - but also cards or codes - can be lost, forgotten or stolen. The finger is always there. As a manufacturer and developer with the highest technological expertise and patented software algorithm, ekey is a reliable partner for industry, trade and end customers. For example, ekey finger scanners can open the front door, close the garage door or activate the alarm system. With converters, ekey is also compatible with most building controllers and smart home systems. ekey subjects its products to strict production, manufacturing and functional controls (zero tolerance) and numerous quality system certifications.

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Solving challenges: Testify integration explained step by step


1. Pilot operation for test purposes

ekey started with the Testify pilot in the incoming goods inspection. In doing so, Ekey deliberately limited itself to just one review process to align the Testify functionality with the general internal requirements for a new, digital QM system. The simplicity in relation to the achieved documentation quality, which comes with the use of Testify, was convincing - the department only needed a fraction of the time of the previous test process and was able to gain a large amount of additional quality data. The intuitive operation of the web app and the individually designed checklists were another plus. For ekey, the decision to launch Testify's cross-departmental rollout quickly followed.


2. Digitize inspection processes of the supply chain

In preparation for a comprehensive rollout of Testify, each department will train its best practices in the Testify web app. As a result, ekey digitizes the incoming and outgoing inspections as well as occupational safety inspections. The involvement of suppliers is currently being planned. The individual departments use the Testify Checklist Designer function to create individual product groups, test procedures, test instructions and other internal checks and processes in the web app. The professional execution of these test procedures as well as any defects can now be documented by the QM employees via web app on the desktop, tablet or smartphone and replaces paper and pen.


3. Create shortage categories and show improvement potential

Ekey places particular emphasis on the creation of standardized defect categories which, in the event of a defect, enable fast and structured capture. The categorization has been systematically divided into hierarchies in order to gain detailed insights into the processes or frequently occurring deficiencies. For example, a test of a cable in the event of a defect can be classified as an electrical defect, dimension defect, material defect, optical / surface defect or packaging defect. This strong categorization of defects not only supports standardized documentation, but also allows the Testify analyzer to optimally evaluate recurring defects, identify inefficiencies, and enable rapid troubleshooting.


4. Synchronization with third-party systems (ERP)

Not only the employees, but also the ekey internal ERP systems (Microsoft NAV and the Reitec test equipment system) generate data that is essential. With Testify's modern REST API interface, Testify can be paired with any 3rd party system. At ekey, Testify acts as a platform and thus at the heart of a digital test system in which the existing third-party systems are integrated. The data generated from the EPR systems (such as ordering data or calibration of the measuring equipment) are automatically transferred to Testify and provide important real-time information for the performance of quality checks (eg blocking of measuring equipment that can no longer be used for a test). The generated data from the Testify web app (eg test results) are simultaneously returned to the ERP system and automatically trigger additional processes. This two-way synchronization between the systems provides automated real-time data reconciliation.


5. Time savings & documentation quality

Testify as an enterprise solution provides ekey with considerable time savings and documentation quality in operational QM management as well as proof of product safety. Thanks to digital documentation, every quality inspection can be traced back to individual product components in an audit-proof manner. Thus, a complete documentation and automatically generated reports are available at the touch of a button.

"We can not say exactly how much time Testify saves us, we just know that we now have 100% documentation quality that would not have been possible before with our resources," said DI Holger Methe (Head of Quality Management).


6. Testify Enterprise Solution

ekey takes advantage of all available Testify features to build a coordinated, comprehensive, digital QM system. Real-time analysis of the data of all integrated systems provides the basis for continuous improvement and further development of quality processes.

By implementing Testify as a platform, ekey is a showcase example of the possibilities that Testify offers to make complex, cross-departmental quality processes digitally efficient, tunable and standardized documentation. The Testify platform thus contributes to the high reliability and safety of the ekey finger scanner.

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