When product quality can literally save lives.

Digitization Success Story of Global Clearance Solutions AG:

When producing robots for mechanical mine clearance (securing landmine fields), it's the product quality that determines failure or success. By using Testify and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Global Clearance Solutions AG (GCS) manages to ensure a gapless quality documentation process that is safeguarding the highest quality of theirs machines.

These Testify functions are used by Global Clearance Solutions AG

Checklist Designer Tool

How it works at GCS: Processes of the total production chain are covered by individually designed checklists, which ensure the running of all necessary quality checks at each stage. This not only improves the compliance with the complex quality and safety requirements in manufacturing.

Issue Management Tool

How it works at GCS: in case of errors, the issue management tool allows easy and traceable documentation of errors as they occur. Fast-forwarding of information to relevant persons and taking action is possible and saves time within the production process.

Automated Documentation

How it works at GCS: thanks to the use of checklists and issue management, the total production process is automatically tracked within the Testify Web (App). This allows for the automated generation of reports, protocols and audit-proof documentation.

How it works at GCS:

Machines from GCS are certified by DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, thus ensuring high quality in production and material. GCS has to prove its compliance with the high requirements of the certification. For further improvement of their quality management processes, GCS decided to integrate the Testify solution. The main value for GCS is the digital capturing of issues that directly interact with the documentation processes and thus helps to solve the current challenges:

The challenges:

Improvement Challenge: only the highest product quality can ensure safety.

Within the industry, GCS is operating in, machine quality (guaranteed with certifications) is the most important criteria. Therefore, immensely strict and demanding requirements should be fulfilled throughout the quality management system requirements in order to ensure maximum product quality and thus, maximum survivability when using the machines.

Documentation Challenge: straightforward and almost prove of compliance.

Compliance with all quality standards and quality certifications must be proven by means of regular audits. This requires gapless, and traceable documentation. Previously only incoming goods controls and final controls were completed, but there was a lot to say about it. It is time-efficient and straightforward.

About Global Clearance

Global Clearance Solutions AG (GCS) is a leading company in the security industry and a provider of safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the disposal of landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other remnants of war (EOD). Their business activities range from the modular components which are adapted to the threat scenarios of their clients, to professional services including consultancy, training and operational support. GCS has its headquarters in Freienbach, Switzerland and a production facility in Stockach, Germany.

Learn more: www.gcs.ch

The integration process in detail: sovling challenges


1. Proof of concept

After deciding on Testify, GCS starts to test the new integration on one of the machines in their product range. They decided on a platform machine with different attachments (robotic arms). A team of 3-4 people who are using mobile devices and selected to test the Testify (Web) app during their production and quality control routines. The team quickly realizes the advantages of this innovative digital solution and the value of having a simple tool that helps to save time during quality control.


2. Integration of the supply chain

GCS appointed further products and teams to work with Testify in their processes. They are focused on a complete transition towards a complete integration of products and production teams. Aside of the production team at the site in Germany. This allows GCS to quickly provide information on product complaints and components that are not allowed to be used for production. As a result, the supply chain is integrated in the quality process and can easily interact with the production department using the (Web) App.


3. Digitally populating the complete quality management process

All quality checks were populated in the Testify (Web) App by using the intuitive Testify checklist designer. Here, each quality check can be individually described and documented as a step-by-step working instruction. At GCS, a quality manager worked with service engineer to document and describe Thus, a structured and documented process is established, covering all steps of the production chain.


4. Traceable documentation process

The step-by-step documentation process can be performed by the engineers. The test results can be directly documented in the (Web) App by ticking checkboxes and adding comments. In case of errors, the application linked to the test and linked to all product components involved. This makes the entire quality process traceable back to the serial number of each product component and enables fast reaction times to solve defects.


5. Automated report generation

By using the Testify documentation and issue management functions, automated reports on the actual production status can be generated. Final reports can be exported and send to clients. The digital, traceable documentation of the total process can be used as audit compliance evidence for renewal certification. The step-by-step description and the mapping of the total process also functions as know-how database for engineers and helps to further improve the complex processes of quality management.


6. Time Savings and fully integrated

The digital process replaces the former, time consuming and cumbersome process where engineers had to carry paper files and manually write reports. "The complete documentation of all products and production processes is now in one digital place, accessible by mobile devices from anywhere by our engineers. With Testify we have a lot of time and effort, and a lot of stuff is going through the files!Says Denis Buser, Process & Quality Manager at GCS.

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