How a global leader in transportation industry managed to save 40 working hours per vehicle

Digitization Success Story of Bombardier: digitised quality processes and traceable testing documentation

Testify functions in use:


realtime in app status overview

Realtime monitoring and digital traceability of defects

Interface for environmental data & analysis reporting tool

Interface integration now allows automated data exchange and eliminate sources of error & digital analysis of reports allow easy quality control of components


customizeable checklist designer tool

> 1000 quality checks can now be done digitally using using paper checklists

How it worked at Bombardiers'

In 2016, Bombardier Vienna launches a 6 month test program with Testify, with the aim to improve the process of the final inspections of trams. Since that testify is a fixed part of the quality control system.

The intial challenges at start:

Software Challenge: Vehicle Security is top priority. Complexity of the product, high quality standards and low-batch size production, is the quality control system that needs to be developed and help to not forget any quality checks.

Documentation Challenge: quick reactions in case of error is key. Yet, the occurrence of an issue triggered a cumulative process of documenting defects, attaching images and assigning new tasks. Data integration of 3rd party systems what time-consuming and did not happen software automated. This raises another source of error.

About Bombardier

Bombardier is a global leader in the transportation industry, continuously striving to set new standards in the sustainable production of train and plane vehicles. Their product range covers the full spectrum of railborne vehicles, vehicle components as well as signaling and control technology. Bombardier combines technology expertise with empathy and innovation and thus creates benefits to operators, passengers and the estate.
While Bombardier's HQ is based in Berlin, one of their worldwide engineering sites is based in Vienna, Austria. Here, more than 600 employs are focusing on the design and manufacture of trams and light rail vehicles for the world market.

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The integration process in detail: Solving Challenges


1. Keep what's tried and tested:

At Bombardier proven quality processes for initial vehicle control have been improved and established over years. Testify enabled Bombardiers' head of QM to map and display their processes in a digital way using Testify's checklist tool. The tool provides sufficient freedom to describe and illustrate the individual and specific processes and requirements of each check additional instruction tips.


2. Digitalizing the team

Thus, testify ensures location independent access to the created checklists and enabled a digital documentation when executing the tests.

3. Collaboration made efficient

By adding user profiles of all relevant employees, potential defects can be shared and assimilated among the team in real time. Pictures and other relevant information can be directly added and thus provides a clear overview of the issue, the responsible employee and actual status.

4. Real-time reacting

Real time status insights. This can be done in real time by using the app. Additionally, the documentation with testify is audit-proove and traceable through all steps.

5. Individualization of interfaces

Bombardier to integrate the 3rd party systems of sensors. This automated data exchange allows to include sensor data in real time reports. 3rd party systems, Bombardier developed an individualized system interface in close alignment with testify. They use one of their existing communication modules for train control and modified it to interact with the testify open interface. Specific actions of trams can now be triggered using the testify app.

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