The flexible work safety software for more health and safety at the workplace.

Digitally capture hazards, defects, safety inspections and audits on your mobile device in a time-saving way, automatically generate reports and improve safety together.

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Global leaders use Testify to improve quality and efficiency in their processes.

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Real time analysis

Monitor security audits in real time and maintain control over processes.

Central administration

Manage all checklists in one digital place and keep track of upcoming inspections.

Responsible teams

With the well thought-out role concepts, your teams & departments can act on their own authority and perform checks.

Customizing toolbox

You don't have to change your processes. Testify is so flexible in customization and offers you extensive customzing possibilities in the tool.

Mobile data collection

Testify makes data visible with the highest level of detail.

Greater efficiency

Less paperwork means fewer media disruptions and more efficiency in your processes.

Clipboards and paper checklists were yesterday. Digital work safety is today.

Digitize walk-throughs, hazard assessments, fire safety inspections and
collect safety issues in one app with Testify.

Create safety inspections
as a checklist in the app.

Manage your safety inspections in one digital place.
Create procedures according to predefined ISO standards with the comprehensive checklist designer and get the entire team on board.

With sophisticated authorization and role management, you can store individual responsibilities or choose from predefined user roles.

With periodic assignments, you can ensure that no checks fall by the wayside and are assigned to colleagues in a timely manner.

With the comprehensive check types such as photo, video, multiple choice, etc., as well as a built-in scoring system, you have a comprehensive tool to handle your site inspections in a reliable manner.

To complete the checklist, you can use the integrated signature function.

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Quickly document hazards,
vulnerabilities & deficiencies.

With the integrated issue management, you have a powerful tool for the complete recording of safety deficiencies and hazards.

Take a picture of the hazard and create a deficiency in just a few minutes. Additional information such as severity, issue category, comments and tested component provide a high level of detail for subsequent evaluations and issue reports.

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Create risk assessments as reports at the touch of a button.

All the documented results of your inspections are ready for retrieval in the form of PDF inspection reports once the checklist has been completed. These contain all the information you documented during the inspection, so you no longer have to laboriously compile information.

By the way, you can design the inspection reports individually according to your business requirements.

In addition, the integrated dashboards provide you with detailed data with extensive filtering options. Without tedious post-processing, you have all data available in real time and can derive important measures for process improvement from it.

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A wide range of functions for your next inspection.

Paper and clipboard is replaced by the intuitive
web app.

Issue recording incl. photo and video documentation

Automated test reports

Role- & authorization management

Notifications via app or E-Mail


Checklist structure in sections and pages


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Perfectly integrated into your system landscape.

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Discover more use cases from Testify.

Testify is the most flexible checklist software developed for the digitalization of mobile testing processes. It enables you to centrally control quality processes, make quality measurable and optimize the efficiency of operational processes.

Health & Work safety is now digital.
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