The cloud solution for timely and compliant documentation of

- Mobile WebApp for structured data collection to fulfill information obligations
- Pre-built, customizable templates on AVVs, data subject inquiries & data breaches.
- Automatic report generation in the form of well-structured
PDF- documentation
- Customized reports including trend analyses for detailed evaluations

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Possibilities when using Testify Data Protection.

AVV Administration

Uniform process for standardized handling of all measures within the scope of the order agreement.

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Standardization of requests from affected parties

Timely and compliant response to DSGVO requests.

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Structured and standardized processing of data protection violations

Document and report data loss and data breaches.

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Management Summary

Visualize developments in data protection activities for internal as well as external stakeholders.

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This is how the checklist software supports you in documenting your DSGVO-measures.

A data protection software for companies that want to be in control of their data protection processes. Testify Data Protection helps you implement and document DSGVO-measures in a timely and compliant manner.

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AVV Administration

In order to fulfill the information obligation, it is necessary to conclude a processor agreement with all recipients of data and to make the list of potential recipients available for further use.

For standardized processing of all contracts, management of all validities, and structured and traceable processing of technical organizational measures (TOMs), Testify supports you with ready-to-use but customizable processes that can be used consistently across your entire organization.

Standardization of requests
from affected parties

Violations of data subjects' rights can result in draconian penalties. An absolute maximum of €20 million or 4% of global annual sales has been set for this purpose..
Testify helps you respond to DSGVO-requests in a timely and compliant manner! With the help of unified processes, all data stores in your company are considered and included. At the end of the process, a uniform request response in your corporate design is sent to the respective requester and also filed for internal use.

Compliance with legal deadlines is also taken into account with internal as well as external notifications.

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Structured and standardized processing of data protection violations

Be it a lost cell phone or the wrong recipients for e-mails with personal data: Data loss can always occur and must therefore be documented and reported:

The DSGVO provides for the following measures in the event of a data breach:

  • Notification to the responsible supervisory authority if the personal data breach is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons as well as
  • Notify the data subject if the personal data breach is likely to result in a high risk to the personal rights and freedoms of individuals.

Testify supports you in all steps of these processes, from risk assessment to fulfillment of documentation requirements to reporting to authorities and affected parties.

Here, too, the penalties for non-compliance are drastic: €10 million or 2% of annual global sales.

Management Summary

A successful year in data protection is when all requests have been processed on time and in full, the company has fulfilled all information obligations, and there have been no gross data protection violations as a result of the technical organizational measures taken.

In order to visualize the development to internal as well as external stakeholders and to be able to prove these processes to the authorities, Testify offers customized and proven reports including trend analyses..

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Multiple functions for better data protection management

Implementation of checklists.

Create checklists, assign them to the responsible people, and document the results.

Well structured task- & action-management.

Tasks and checklist assignments are clearly listed in the integrated task overview.

Notifications via email or in-app.

Receive notifications in the app or directly to your mailbox. So you always know what tasks are pending and what changes have been made. 

Documentation with exportable PDF-reports.

After checklists have been conducted, they can be exported in an audit-proof manner as PDF test reports with signatures and timestamps.

Verification process specification.

Mandatory signature at completion of checklists.

Checklists Templates

Create your own checklist templates according to your requirements. Available with many different check types.  

Well thought-out role and authorization concepts.

Benefit from well thought-out authorization concepts for users and roles in Testify and thus create security.

Automatic versioning.

Testify automatically records which changes were made to the checklist, by whom, and at what time. For audit-proof documentation.


In the timeline you will find status changes, assignments and the time of the changes in the respective checklist.

Custom dashboards for management.

A dashboard to keep track of all key data protection metrics, such as the number of data breaches.

We manage your data
reliably and securely.

Microsoft Azure is an industry-leading cloud platform provider and takes a variety of approaches towards security and protecting your data. Testify is hosted on data centers in Northern Europe and Western Europe. This way, your data is protected by EU-regulations such as the DSGVO.

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