Digitizing the world of work: From paper checklists to digital value creation structures.

Easily configured, quickly implemented and accepted by employees all around. Digitize internal and external business processes with the flexible software solution from Testify.

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By world market leaders already
successfully in use.

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The smart roadmap for digitizing your business processes.

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Visualize and document processes.

Map your processes quickly and easily using digital checklists in Testify. In this way, you create transparency and uncover potential for standardization.

Analyze process data.

As part of the analysis, process data is prepared in dashboards and risks and improvements are identified. The goal is to make your work easier in the long term.

Automate and optimize workflows.

Create automated workflows based on data-driven optimization potential.

Already successfully in use by industry leaders.

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With Testify, the quality control effort has now been reduced by 40%. This is a huge increase in productivity for us

Johann Zoppoth
Quality Manager
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The complete documentation of all products and production processes is now in a single digital location that our engineers can access from anywhere via mobile devices. With Testify, we have set up a system that saves us a lot of time and effort and, above all, a lot of nerves from rummaging through paper files and folders in the past.

Denis Buser
Process & Quality Manager, Global Clearance Solution
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With the functional scope of the software, our requirements could be mapped in the best possible way. Compared to other providers, we had to invest much less effort in customizing the solution!

Ing. Daniel Rech
Quality Manager

The Testify software at a glance.

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Quickly configured, the digitization of your business processes succeeds best.

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Create standards and transparency through seamless documentation of your processes.

Thanks to digital checklist workflows, you can realistically map your internal and external company processes. More complex processes can be created easily and quickly thanks to individual check types.

Identify optimization potential through comprehensive process analyses in real time.

All process and test data is brought together in the clear dashboards, allowing you to gain deeper insights into how things are working and where there is potential for optimization.

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Digitally networked thanks to automated workflow management.

Define responsible persons for different levels of your process such as test object, checklists, issues or issue categories and define individual triggers to trigger your process flows.

Efficiently optimize processes sustainably.

From target/actual comparisons to trend analyses. Testify provides you with real-time analyses of your process data, as a sound basis for your strategic business decisions.

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What our customers say.

Based on a survey of Testify customers.




Made for your digitization strategy.

From flexible checklist creation to fast issue rectification and detailed analysis of your production processes. These functions make your work easier.

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Intuitive operation thanks to Google Material Design.

Individual roles and authorization concepts.

Release processes.

Voice Assistant.

Offline capability.


Custom PDF export of test reports.

Selection of various data fields as checks.




Document Editor.

Data import and export.

Signatures signature.

Integrated search.

Structured task management.


Analysis & Real-Time Reporting.

Digitization doesn't always have to be highly complex. This is how you benefit from our solution.

Create, analyze, automate, and optimize digital workflows in a WebApp and benefit from more efficient collaboration with employees and stakeholders.

Optimized, paperless processes

Digitize analog paper processes from final acceptance at the supplier to machine maintenance at your customer's site and involve all stakeholders in the processes.

Transparent, audit-proof process flows

Workflow-based information or individual issues are documented centrally in the WebApp, thus creating traceability and auditability.

Create checklists without programming knowledge

Create checklists easily and quickly in the digital WebApp without writing a single line of code.

Modular design principle.

Configure instead of program is the credo. Thanks to the flexible modular system, you can add extended functions individually.

Highest quality with our customers.

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