How Primetals Technologies, the world’s leading solution provider for the metals industry, has digitized the verification of regulatory HSE requirements with Testify.

written on 25.10.2022

How can a corporate like Primetals Technologies ensure that the safety of the workplace, as well as the entire operation, is maintained on an ongoing basis?

Primetals Technologies is a global leader in engineering, plant engineering and lifecycle services for the metals industry. Primetals Technologies is a joint venture of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and partners and employs around 7,000 people worldwide.

As a pioneer in the field of Industry 4.0, processes are also continuously optimized within the company. This is also the case at the Linz site in the areas of HSE (occupational safety, health and environmental protection) and facility management. There, the need for digitization of paper checklists for checking statutory HSE requirements as part of building and fire protection inspections as well as plant inspections was recognized.

The go-ahead for the proof of concept was given in April 2022.

Digital “Legal Compliance” with Testify.

To ensure occupational and operational safety, it is necessary to conduct ongoing periodic inspections. Until now, the documentation of the inspections was paper-based and the results were filed manually. With Testify, employees in the HSE and Facility Management departments now have a practical app at their fingertips to document upcoming inspections and audits directly in the app and to record deviations using integrated defect documentation. The time spent distributing checklists and collating all the inspection results is now completely eliminated. The inspection records are then automatically exported to a document management tool and are thus stored in compliance with legal requirements.

With the implementation of Testify, Primetals Technologies at the Linz site now has a tool with which the implementation of all internal and legal requirements can be checked and controlled, and the safety of employees and operational reliability can be guaranteed and improved.

Welcome to the world
of checklist workflows.

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