Significant time savings in incoming goods inspections with Testify at Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG.

Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG used Testify to quickly digitize incoming goods inspections in its large warehouse, thus not only reducing the time needed for inspections but also optimizing the complaints processes.

The digitization success story of Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG.

Product quality has top priority at Oswald. This includes a carefully selected product range, which is continuously evaluated and expanded with the customer, packaging according to standardized criteria, and the supply of high-quality hairdressing products. Many different test criteria must be followed and documented. This is exactly where Testify comes in. With a connection to SAP as the merchandise management system, checklists are processed on the basis of the material master. 

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About Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG

Karl Oswald GmbH is a 4th generation family business in Germany that has been in existence for almost 100 years and acts as a wholesaler for articles of hairdressing supplies. With 50 employees and another 150 supporting home workers, Oswald stores, packs and ships products such as hairbrushes, manicure and massage articles.

Handwritten incoming goods inspections
before implementation.

Before the introduction of Testify, incoming goods inspection was done by hand on paper. With 28 million items per year, this is a very time-consuming activity.


High communication effort due to media breaks.

In the incoming goods inspection, the exact appraisal and verification of the target criteria is the most important thing. It can happen that articles are wrong and are nevertheless released or that defects are collected where there is no defect.

For this purpose, a matrix was written using Excel, which contained 30-50 inspection criteria and 20-80 items. This was printed out and placed in the warehouse to document the target specifications. The difficult conditions such as wind and dirt were compounded by the additional work involved in changing the inspection criteria and in documenting complaints, which also led to an increased susceptibility to errors in the process.

This results in increased additional work between the warehouse and purchasing department regarding complaints. The local separation of the two departments makes cooperation even more difficult.


Lengthy checks after unloading.

Oswald’s goods are delivered in containers. On average, three full working days passed before the goods were unloaded and inspected. The recording of defects was done with paper and photos, which in turn were stored in digital form on the PC.

Transferring the data into a uniform system was very time-consuming.

With Testify, goods can be checked "on-the-fly" during unloading. Instead of 3 days, our team now only needs 1 day.

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Thomas Oswald,
Executive Manager, Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG

And so Testify was rolled out in the plant.


Checklist templates for incoming goods inspection.

The implementation of Testify started as usual with a proof of concept (PoC) in the incoming goods inspection. In the course of this, the Excel list with the inspection criteria was created as a checklist template in Testify in order to digitally perform the quality control of the incoming goods.


Integration with SAP.

Mit der Anbindung an SAP als With the connection to SAP as the merchandise management system, checklists were subsequently created and published automatically on the basis of the product. The necessary information on the check criteria was taken from the associated material master. This meant that the data for the inspection criteria only had to be maintained in one place.


Structured process for defect handling.

Previously, defects on the goods were recorded with the digital camera, stored in a file folder and transmitted to the responsible buyer:in. With the integrated defect management, product defects and errors can be recorded directly digitally in Testify and forwarded to the purchasing department for inspection. Complaint processing and communication now works without any media disruptions and 100% digitally.

Especially due to the local separation of our purchasing department from the warehouse, smooth communication is all the more important. Testify has closed exactly this gap for us and offers us a communication platform in addition to the checklist software. The effect? Everything works much faster and easier and our employees are more satisfied!

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Thomas Oswald,
Executive Manager, Karl Oswald GmbH & Co. KG

With practical functions for significant efficiency increases in goods receipt.

Digital checklists

The digital checklist designer is used to create checklist templates with numeric, single choice, and photo checks that serve as the basis for testing each item.

Mobile defect management

The integrated defect management supports Oswald in documenting and processing product defects and deficiencies. These can be noted directly in the respective checklist. In addition, the integrated camera function, defect category and severity serve to record structured information on the defect, which greatly facilitates internal communication with the purchasing department. This significantly reduces the defect processing time and information on how to deal with the defect can be passed on in an uncomplicated manner.

SAP Integration

Thanks to the integration of SAP, material master data can be transferred from the inventory management system to Testify, whereupon a checklist for the item is published.

The result after implementing Testify: more efficiency, better data, excellent product and service quality.

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Significant time savings in incoming goods inspection.

The inspection of an overseas container usually took about 3 days before using Testify. This was mainly due to the fact that the goods had to be unloaded beforehand and then the quality criteria carefully documented using the Excel list. With the use of Testify, the incoming goods inspection is now done in one day.

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Improved interdepartmental communication.

The time saved by Testify is not limited to the incoming goods inspection itself. The preparation and follow-up of inspections now also works much more efficiently, since all information is available digitally. In addition, the processes are much more transparent.

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